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by ReliantLion
Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:29 am
Forum: GameCube
Topic: How's your controller going?
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Re: How's your controller going?

Mine are clean and crisp, I'm glad to report. Take it apart, wipe them down everywhere. Use alcohol on the inside parts if you have to. I have an ultra sonic toothbrush which I save the last 'used up' head for cleaning electronics' plastic bits. If your buttons are sticking, some times it's gunky re...
by ReliantLion
Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:48 pm
Forum: Modchips
Topic: XenoGC
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Re: XenoGC

I have a DOL-001 Gamecube with HDMI done on it. The disc drive is not working with backups consistently and I've tried POT tweaking it all over the place. I want to replace the drive, so I purchased a GC off of Gamestop's website. Obviously, they don't specify which DOL-001 or DOL-101 you'll get. So...
by ReliantLion
Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:51 pm
Forum: GameCube
Topic: Certain DVD-R Back-ups Will Not Read
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Re: Certain DVD-R Back-ups Will Not Read

How did your tests go? Also, how long does the Wiped GCM Fixer take to fix the GCM file? It seems like it is taking forever for me.
by ReliantLion
Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:16 am
Forum: GameCube
Topic: Disc Art?
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Disc Art?

Hi, new to the forums here. I've searched all over and can't find a disc art collection or even images for the more popular games. I plan on printing labels for backups instead of just using a permanent marker. However, I think using official disc art reeks of counterfeit, and would prefer to use a ...
by ReliantLion
Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:08 am
Forum: Hardware / Modding
Topic: What do I need!?
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Re: What do I need!?

This is also something I am interested in. I'm fairly new to GameCube (it came out shortly before joining the military, so I did not play it until recently due to not having time). From what I can grasp, I need the following: Xeno GC mod chip, which needs to be soldered to the disc drive. SD Gecko o...