GameCube only progresses internal clock while powered on.

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GameCube only progresses internal clock while powered on.

Post by Boured » Wed Apr 03, 2019 12:03 am

Greetings, I recently purchased a GameCube model DOL-001 due to wanting to get into a console that was released around my childhood as I only had a Game Boy Advance growing up. After getting it set up with some controllers, a GCHD Mk II and a AR + SD Adapter. I had my window into a gaming scene I missed out on, as well as a better way to play GBA through GBI and the Game Boy Player.

However I began to notice something, the clock in the console would completely stop when shutting the system off, The battery not being the culprit as other settings were completely unaffected. This with most of my games isn't an issue, but with games like Animal Crossing which I plan on buying, will be a serious issue.

This thread made back in January describes my exact problem, so it seems to be a new occurrence of some sort.

In this thread it is guessed that the XenoGC modchip might be to blame, however this is incorrect, as my system is a unmodded stock console.

I'm speculating this might be an issue exclusive to DOL-001 units, but my knowledge of the GC is limited due to just entering the scene.

However I do hope that I can help in any way I can.
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Re: GameCube only progresses internal clock while powered on.

Post by Papy.G » Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:05 am

Don't get mistaken, Sram needs very low power to keep data, running an RTC needs a little more, your dying battery may just be between both.
Very easy to check, open the cube, and take the battery voltage value, you'll know for sure.
Anyways, due to their age, it is not too much to considerate changing it, and best, it will avoid leaks that can occur when batteries go beyond the deep drain limit.
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