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Pokemon XD cheats black screen

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 7:48 am
by elGabriVR
Hello, first of all apologize since I am Spanish and I use the translator. I have a gamecube with swiss 0.4 r650, I have the pokemon XD game and when I put the cheats the game goes black and does not start, this only happens to me with the pokemon XD game. Is there any solution? The version of the game is the PAL (GXXP01) and I play from an SD card. Thank you

PD: After a while trying things I discovered that what gives error is the master code,If I activate any cheat without the master code, the game does work, but by not putting the master code the cheats do not work. Is there any way to put cheats without the master code? Or some way to fix it?

The master code that gives me the black screen is this:
(m) [Ralf]
C60BCC60 800018A8
06000088 00000018
3D008000 61083000
7C044000 4180542C
90E40004 48005400
04005498 4BFFABF0