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Gamecube goes through lenses!

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 6:24 pm
by Dark_Knight
Hello everyone!

I have been facing a very strange issue with my gamecube lately! The original lens started degrading, to the point where it refused to read ANY disc. SInce i have already ordered a replacement lens long ago, i decided it was time to use it. Unfortunately no joy, i can almost say the issue became worse... At this point i came across a video with the same issue i faced, where the guy performed a recap on the drive board, which seemed to have solved the issue. After performing the recap to the best of my abilities and making sure not to make any unwanted contact, i plugged the drive back in.

From this moment since, all of the 3 replacement lenses i have used seem to work for half a second and then go completely dead.... Have you ever come across this issue before? Could the recap have caused more issues than it solved, or is it something completely unrelated? Thank you in advance