Gamecube don't read disks but XenoGC orange LED lights up OK and laser working

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Gamecube don't read disks but XenoGC orange LED lights up OK and laser working

Post by PaoloBOB » Sun May 31, 2020 3:30 pm

I've bought a used Gamecube with a ruined PCB optical drive (PAL DOT-001) because of it was placed a past bad installation of XenoGC and with original games work perfectly. So, I've bought another optical drive (PAL DOT-001) with a laser and its brackets. Finally, I bought on Ebay a XenoGC 2.0 (version with orange led).
I tried both drives without any installation of Xeno and they work perfectly with my genuine discs. After this, my aim is to modify the good PCB (the second one that I said) with an installation of XenoGC to play my ROMs using the Swiss disc (I burned a MediaRange mini disc with Swiss GC R827).
I installed my XenoGC soldering on the correct pins (I've checked the continuity for all pins of xenoGC with their nets on the other side of PCB and checked some possible shorts with their adjacent pins checking them using vias where it was possible). And the result, as expected, is a blinking twice of red led and then turns on of the orange led in a steady and well-brighted way. So I think is all correct in the boot procedure as indicated in the troubleshooting section in the official wiki.
At this point, I tried to read the swiss disk but it happens nothing (after 2-3 seconds of spinning, there is a clicking phenomena and go to the limit switch). The same phenomena using genuine disks and this is weird looking at many topics here on the forum. And here I have no idea to solve it.
I tried to adjust the potentiometer in a range between 150-600 ohm but nothing change.
I tried to clean with Q-tip the laser and I tried to exchange two lasers that I have, thinking the problem is a dead laser but nothing change.
I checked that disks are not scratched using the ruined PCB optical drive and it reads genuine games using both lasers that I have.
Any suggestion?
If you have any questions or you need other details, I will reply as soon as possible.
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Re: Gamecube don't read disks but XenoGC orange LED lights up OK and laser working

Post by rlince » Sun Jun 07, 2020 9:49 pm

look if you burned right the mini-dvd , you have to use the right velocity (more slow possible) and the dvd have to be a greatifull brand (like ritek), some brands do not work or recognize on GameCube's reader. Some times its annoying burn a workable dvd. I remember about some programs specifically to burn game cube's dvds, try search for game cube games burn guides.
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Re: Gamecube don't read disks but XenoGC orange LED lights up OK and laser working

Post by Papy.G » Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:56 am

It is always safe to check if you are able to burn GC discs before even considering modifiying a Gamecube to boot such discs. (Using SWISS via a SoftMod for example)

A drive that used to read original discs before chip installation should read them as well after installation. That's an absolute first step, and you shouldn't go any further (adjusting the pot or whatnot) unless this very first one is passed!

Changing the drive's Laser you need to have the right tools to "azimuth" the beam, otherwise you may just "kill" the drive, getting the original laser cell may not bring it back to life either.
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