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Edge DS

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:41 pm
by Hucklebuck
I was looking into buying a DS flashcart. I have just the plain ol DS. I have been looking around and came across the Edge DS. Does anyone here have experience with it? With this card do i just load games and I'm good to go? I'm kinda new to flash carts so take it easy on me. Fill me in on any info. or links please.

Re: Edge DS

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:59 pm
by emu_kidid
R4 SDHC should cover your needs, just buy 2 as they're dirt cheap and a spare is always handy!

Re: Edge DS

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:09 am
by siphoned
The R4 cards are down to only a few dollars to buy now. They don't come in the large box packaging anymore, but they work just the same with the same firmwares. Are there alot of R4 clones on the market now? The iTouch card has a nice main menu with icons (no names) for the games. Easy to use. Never used an Edge card.