3DS friend code thread

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3DS friend code thread

Post by Diminuendo » Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:41 am

I've been playing some Pokemon Y lately and would love some friend codes for the safari. I know that their are some pretty cool people here and some of you probably have 3DSssess.

So here's the deal; add your friend codes with what online games you have. PM someone letting them know you want to add them, so we don't fill this thread up with garbage. Add in any other important information you can think of though, like what pokemon are in your friend safari (I currently dont know whats in mine)

My friend code is 4742 - 6298 - 4182
I have Pokemon Y and Mario Kart

I'd also be happy to breed you up a Protean Froakie if you add me :)
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