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Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:55 pm
by deku_scrub
Author: Lordus

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A while ago i started to port jEnesis to C. Just a quick and dirty port, to see how much faster it would run...
As i happend to have a Nintendo DS available at around this time, i wanted to see, how it would perform there.
By now this developed into a project of its own and not much is left of the ported code.
I wrote an integrated assembler cpu core for jEnesisDS, as it is not quite possible to achieve playable framerates with a C core.
I am already quite statisfied with the speed, but still see some room for improvement.

The Nintendo DS is really a nice little platform and its a lot of fun developing for it.
The software renderer of jEnesisDS already works quite well and uses blending/jitter correction for scaling to the DS's screen size.
For speed reasons, it doesnt have all the features of the Java version, like shadow-hilite mode and correct sprite making, but i plan to
include this sometime.

Currently i am working on an optional Hardware renderer which is not really easy. Many games already work quite well with it though.
(The above screenshot was taken with the Hardware renderer on NO$GBA).

I use this emulator and all I can say is that this emulator is very Good, plays a lot of games with sound and full speed!!

Web site:

Download: ... p?t=119510

Mirror: (Current version, 0.7.4, from 2008-07-13)