IDE-EXI "v2" source

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IDE-EXI "v2" source

Post by emu_kidid » Tue Mar 23, 2021 7:28 am

A long time ago, isobel from made modifications to the IDE-EXI vhdl to support DMA over EXI. This remained unreleased for a little while ~9 years (:P) since it had issues with the newly added multi word write command, but I've asked him at the request of others if it would be okay to release the files he'd worked on and he's agreed to.

Don't ask me how to use these, this is my complete project directory zipped up as it was since about 2012. You'll need Xilinx IDE/ISE to build it and then Xilinx Lab Tools - Impact to program it over JTAG to an existing board. The .ucf file is likely pointing at the pinout from my original batch of IDE-EXI's I'd produced and not the ones megalomaniac had briefly produced.

I'm releasing it with the hopes that someone makes a nicer version and maybe fixes up some of the issues that have plagued it (and also since Swiss has supported it for nearly 9 years too).
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Re: IDE-EXI "v2" source

Post by webhdx » Tue Mar 23, 2021 9:50 am

Yes, it's finally happening! Almost 10 years in the "making" :D

I've asked emu_kidid to release it recently because I have an idea for it. I always liked IDE-EXI but I remember it was painful to use back in a day. IDE-EXI in current state is not interesting at all, no one is going to bother with IDE hard drives since we have cheap and more convenient SD2SP2 adapters available basically everywhere.

As I'm waiting for parts to arrive from China I need someone to report how v2 firmware performs against SD2SP2/SD Gecko. If there is a visible performance improvement then I'm willing to spend time on redesigning the hardware to be more usable in 2021.
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