Uncovered Oficial Nintendo Gamecube Portable*

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Diego borella
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Uncovered Oficial Nintendo Gamecube Portable*

Post by Diego borella » Fri Dec 04, 2020 6:47 pm

Recently came out a layout of what would be a project for the official portable Nintendo Gamecube ... :shock:

Would it be a Licensed Portable Gamecube :!: :?:

In this, we return to the old concept that NGC is one of the most enigmatic video game systems in history.

There is also a prototype of a Wiiremote for the NGC.
What do you think, and what can be taken advantage of from the data presented for today? :?: :idea:

It also shows how Big Nintendo is the largest video game producer on planet Earth ...
NGC far ahead of its time.

would that be the secret of Serial Porta 2, or a dock like the Gameboy Player?

The photos are named with due credit. * Speculatory documents. :!:
photo @shanebattye.jpg
(431.9 KiB) Not downloaded yet
NGC by @spmrp.jpg
(304.31 KiB) Not downloaded yet
NGC Portable Layout by @luigiblood.png
Gamecube Portable Layout
(81.11 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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Re: Uncovered Oficial Nintendo Gamecube Portable*

Post by andzlay » Sat Dec 19, 2020 11:25 pm

That WiiMote stuff is from the prototyping era of the Wii.
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Re: Uncovered Oficial Nintendo Gamecube Portable*

Post by Papy.G » Sun Dec 20, 2020 1:41 pm

This can be very much a sketch of the Dolphin project, not another portable variant of this console, many things kept in the final product wouldn't have been needed otherwise, the 8cm DVDs, controller connectors on another board, and very small footprint MB haven't been worth it, to begin with, one can pretend it was a designer choice, but 12cm CDs could have fit in the cube, and for copy prevention, they could have gone for a totally off standard 10CM media.

While USB2, WiFi, controller connector on the portable, TV tuner, MPEG4 encoder, the LCD backilght technology (LED), ratio and resolution… All those details make it just sound like a fake, may be based upon an authentic one, and upgraded to whatever the guy dreamt about.

Some of the concepts (when/if legit) were put aside for later projects, Wii or further, but the GC Wiimote and Wiibar really exist and probably have been provided to the developpers for gameplay adjustments, in the meantime while WiiGames were first developped on the GC (Twilight Princess, for example). The WiiBar memcard connector is the microphone's, it is labelled DOL-022.

Looking further at these pictures, some details bug me, why would the A button be already named A when there were already another one (the 1 & 2)? Why wouldn't they print anything else on the wiimote, as all already bear their own letter?
Why would there already have the slits on the Wiimote?
Unless it was not to unveil what would have been the final one…
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Zelda WW with Tingle Tuner in split screen was what the GC RF modulator was made for! (Video)
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Re: Uncovered Oficial Nintendo Gamecube Portable*

Post by Extrems » Sun Dec 20, 2020 2:00 pm

That's a legit diagram from the leaks.
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Diego borella
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Re: Uncovered Oficial Nintendo Gamecube Portable*

Post by Diego borella » Wed Dec 23, 2020 11:34 pm

is this a data leak, officer ...?
Are data discontinued, would it be a problem? I don't think so, as it is something that gives rise to the NGC:

If Nintendo made a classic GAMECUBE MINI console. homebrew would not be the problem. on the contrary: they would all be sold and obviously modified, so that they would sell more ...

It would have to come in color and with gamecube controller inputs.
obsession with the emulator and the explorer is the impetus for a generation.

despite this, the concept of native Run; and the most important.

I see SWISS as something clean and contrary to what can be said; maintains and ELEVATES the Nintendo Gamecube to the place of primacy, as it sold less than the N64, but has more games.
The expression of a video game, the largest among laser media players.
above and ahead of its time.

What is expected is the conservation of the NGC collection with the homebrew scene, squeezing everything that the NGC has to offer.

as for the portable gamecube, the Switch is. :!: :idea:
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Re: Uncovered Oficial Nintendo Gamecube Portable*

Post by capzlk » Thu Feb 11, 2021 4:04 pm

this is definitely prototyping for the wii, there are also versions of metroid prime 3 for this hardware. in terms of a gc mini, i think it would be more beneficial if they add it to the eshop as downloads, thats probably what the super mario collection is. emulating NGC on the switch is likely not performing well enough so they are porting the best titles that have the best chance of good sales
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