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Post by maxBirdy » Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:20 am

ok so i feel i need to be active on this forum and bring some content.

recently i bought a GC cause i finally had some money to burn(had to give last one back to my friend) , and it made me get back into softmodding and stuff, thats how i found this site. but recently i had an idea, a totally badass idea that would make some peoples jaws drop.

here are some screenshots,
1. it will be released open source
2. i wont charge for anything
3. it will be a template with content being left up to you
4. it is very easily modded to add or remove consoles, although i think since everything before GC was only worth anything because of the ROMS, which have all been dumped anyway, it probably wouldn't be worth adding very old systems, since any that havn't been emulated on GC where emulated on the pc, which is fine because most super duper first ever gaming systems where practically cruddy calculators. <<(i hope someone understands my jibber jabber)
5. i cannot release it yet until i make a credits page and or get perms from the artists to use their art, im not selling this and im generally quite liked in the art community so i should have no problems.
6. i need a few things (a few good TESSELLATIONS, GC/PS2/PS3/WII/XBOX/XBOX360 themed) it would help me replace the ugly repeating logos i'm currently using for the backgrounds of the diff sections. also i need a good generic "games" icon, something web2.0ish, has to be 256x256 png.

some important notes, when mousing over a game controller, it "lights up" around the edges
when clicking a game controller, it plays the console starting sound, and redirects you to a section based on that console
favicons are all by the same artist and each section has a matching favicon
pcsx2 and dolphin and the xbox emu have been iframed into the ps2/gc/Wii/xbox emulator sections, ps3 and xbox 360 are OBVIOUSLY not going to be emulated anytime soon, so i put an information warning triangle for their emulator button, when clicked the page states that no emulators are planned.

the buttons are in this order on all pages
there ARE back buttons conveniently placed in certain locations

i guess thats all i can say for now, despite some things missing this template is at 97%,

sorry the pictures arent perfect, i wanted to capture the tab with the page titles, i didnt get all the console sections, just the xbox one as an example, they are all the same so no need to have 6 images just different colors.

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