8bitmods Memcard Pro GC with FTP and Swiss?

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8bitmods Memcard Pro GC with FTP and Swiss?

Post by Sowden1 » Mon Nov 14, 2022 5:47 pm

Hey there guys. So I just heard today that 8bitmods is releasing one of their pro memory card mods for the Gamecube. Here's a link for the mod itself.

https://8bitmods.com/memcard-pro-gc-for ... oke-black/

I was reading about it's wireless capabilities and about it's FTP access. It says that it can connect wirelessly on a connected wifi to "directly access the files, as if the microSD card was on your computer's desktop." Now obviously that means I could transfer things like updated Swiss dol files and other file types from my phone, which is a huge upgrade. However what I'm wondering is if Swiss you'd be able to read the Memcard Pro micro sd card from there, to transfer it to another sd card in a memory card reader/SD2SP2 card slot. Could emukid, Extremes, or someone else comment? I'd be interested in purchasing one if so.
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Re: 8bitmods Memcard Pro GC with FTP and Swiss?

Post by emu_kidid » Sun Nov 20, 2022 8:11 pm

I've asked and that will be a possibility later on, supposedly there's plenty of space on the FPGA and the creator of it has stated he'd be keen to work towards something like direct SD access and other nice features like DMA based access, WiFi and so on.
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