Question about transferring saves to MemcardPro GC

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Question about transferring saves to MemcardPro GC

Post by Mad_Rhetoric » Wed Jun 07, 2023 2:16 am

I have a GC Loader and the latest version of Swiss, and soon i'm getting a MemCard Pro GC. My Gamecube doesn't have an SP2 port so i'm using an SD Gecko in Memory Card Slot B.

When I get my Memcard Pro I want to transfer my saves on my current OEM memory card to the Memcard Pro.

I plan to insert the Memcard Pro and start up each game that I have a save of to get the Memcard Pro to make a VMC for each game I use.

Next, I read how you can enable Boot Through IPL in Swiss settings, start a game, and hold down the A button to access the Gamecube main menu and Memory Card Manager. From there you can transfer your saves for that game to it's corresponding VMC on the Memcard Pro.

HOWEVER, since i'm using Memory Card Slot B for my SD Gecko, how can I transfer my saves? Won't I need both Memory Card Slots available? (Slot A for Memcard Pro, and Slot B for my old OEM Memory Card)

(BTW, I know that version 2.0.0 of the GCLoader can write to its own SD card now, but I heard using SD Gecko is still better, so i'm using version 1.1.2. I also heard 2.0.0 can potentially have the slim chance to brick GCLoaders)

So my question is, can Swiss still boot games through IPL without a configuration device connected? Will it remember to boot through IPL? Will I be able to use this method with my setup?
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Re: Question about transferring saves to MemcardPro GC

Post by Extrems » Wed Jun 07, 2023 2:35 am

Create a raw backup of your memory card using GCMM, then use this tool to split it into multiple images.
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Re: Question about transferring saves to MemcardPro GC

Post by retro » Thu Jun 08, 2023 3:18 am

One tedious workaround is after you have all the VMCs created in MemCard Pro, you can just remove SD Gecko from slot B and insert your previous memory card, and then use the GameCube OS to copy the game saves

You can toggle between VMCs in the MemCard Pro using your PC or phone or tablet over WiFi
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