My SWISS setup

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My SWISS setup

Post by keilmillerjr » Mon Feb 17, 2020 2:12 pm

I bought a GameCube with a XenoGC already installed. Here is what worked for me.

XenoGC # was already installed
sd2sp2 1.2a # assembled by circus3000psi:
SWISS v688 mini-DVD # sd2sp2 compatible, burned by NickDisk:
2GB Sandisk SD # $0.99 at ... 63723.html
Sandisk Ultra 64GB Micro SD XC A1 # bought in store at Walmart
EmuSD GameCube Memory Card to SD Adapter # Found on amazon and prime available
SD Media Launcher # Didn’t use: ... 0580V.aspx

2GB SD Card
DiskUtility (Mac) formatted MS-Dos
/boot.dol # renamed swiss_r785.dol
/igr.dol # renamed swiss_r785.dol, enable in SWISS settings, activate by pressing Down+R+Z+B

64GB Micro SD Card
DiskUtility (Mac) formatted MS-Dos
/ # copied all iso’s in one shot, else swiss complains about too much disk fragmentation

What Didn’t Work
Action Relay disc (SD Media Launcher) did not boot at all in my XenoGC modded GameCube. I assume this is because the laser pot was tweaked. It would boot using my unmodified GameCube. However, using the EmuSD, it would not boot AUTOEXE.dol. I tried the adapter in both memory card slots. I did not use the included memory card to micro sd adapter because finding a 2GB non-sd micro sd card is not as easy. I think transcend ones can be found. Regardless, this method did not work for me.

Swiss now auto boots to the newest version, making this even more kid friendly. Interface is so easy that my 4-year old can use it. Thank you developers. My kids have so much fun.
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