3.3V line current?

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3.3V line current?

Post by Disco_Stu » Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:50 am

Hi everyone. I'm new to this Forums and am currently working on a Gamecube casemod.

Last year I've managed to get my hands on an IDE-EXI from the first batch (bought it from a friend). My Idea was to include a 2.5" HDD and the EXI adaptor together with some other parts into a Gameboy Player. The Gameboy Player functionality should still remain, so it is a bit fiddly but works this far.

In the end I want to connect the IDE-EXI via Serial Port 2 (if Swiss will support it) and at the same time the Gameboy Player PCB via the Hi-Speed Port. The Serial Port 1 should still remain as I'm planning to use also a BBA / Modem.

Now I was trying to connect the HDDs 5V line to the Cubes 3.3V line using a step up converter (3.3V to 5V USB), because both, Paralel Port 2 and Hi-Speed port only provide 3.3V but the current seems to be too low. The HDD needs 5V 1A to run, so 3.3V must be at least 1.5A but my mulimeter only shows a current of 150mA... and the HDD only runs for a sec, then stops, then runs for a sec, then stops and so on...

Those 0.15A I've measured look a little low for my understanding. Does anyone know which current the Cube should output on the 3.3V line?
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