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WASP vs WODE and other parts to choose...

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:16 pm
by gmipf
Hello GC-Forever community, I have some questions. I have bought the following parts some time ago:
(3.6 MiB) Not downloaded yet
I think these parts are a WASP, a WODE, 3x MEGAdrive v1, 2x drive adapter. I also have a XenoGC and all the cables+LCD of the WODE Jukebox. My first question is what to use of them for my NTSC-U Gamecube? My requirements are to not make any cosmetic changes to the GC case. But glueing the SD Card slot with double sided tape on left or right side of the case would be OK. And I still want to use the original GC disc drive. Which ODDE should I use or which ODDE is better? WODE or WASP? And do I need the D2F switch? Which tutorial is the best for my needs? Thank you in advance.

Re: WASP vs WODE and other parts to choose...

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:31 am
by gmipf
So, I have managed to get it work with WASP:
(4.73 MiB) Not downloaded yet
(3.62 MiB) Not downloaded yet
(4.52 MiB) Not downloaded yet
(4.05 MiB) Not downloaded yet
The Swiss FW is flashed on the WASP. With SD card inserted to WASP it mount Swiss from FW and I can select any iso from SD card in Swiss. With SD card ejected it boots fine from disc drive. But I have some questions:

1. I have not installed the XenoGC, because I thought to use Swiss for burned contend, but Swiss cannot load any discs from Swiss, burned and original either. SD card inserted in WASP: The disc will not spin, SD card ejected after booting Swiss, the drive spins but cant load the disc in Swiss. On original GC discs, their is the message of possible burned media, on burned media only the message of loading.

2. How I can get the boot sound and autoboot of the GC back with WASP? The GC always starts up to the bios menu and I have to manually start Swiss or GC disc from bios.

3. Should I install the XenoGC, so I can boot directly a burned media without Swiss?

4. I have shorted P29 and LID on the MEGAdrive v1, otherwise it doesn't worked. Is this right what I have done?

5. What is the use of the WKF pad on the MEGAdrive v1?