Multi-Shine Designs Says Hello!

Portables, case replacements, mods etc, all in here!
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Multi-Shine Designs Says Hello!

Post by MultiShineDesigns » Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:26 pm

Hello there!

I'm Zad owner of Multi-Shine Designs a company that specializes in GameCube and GameCube controller mods/repairs. I am looking to expand my knowledge of the GameCube and GameCube controller while sharing my work and experiences with the GameCube community. As of right now most of the mods that I offer for GameCube controllers are specifically for Super Smash Bros. Melee / Smash 4/ Ultimate but I'm looking to expand my hardware mods to more than just Smash, i.e. more advanced LED mods and console mods that I haven't tried out yet.

Here's a "Smash" themed console that I LED modded. I used a dremel to make small holes just above the GameCube controller port where there are small indentations to represent the player port. The indentations are just small enough that a 1/16 dremel attachment is perfect for hollowing out there holes and letting the LED's shine through. The LED still shines through once you plug in your controller and gives it a bit of an extra ring to it.
Smash "themed" GameCube Console
(50.56 KiB) Not downloaded yet

I know it's not a GameCube but here's an LED Wii I made to play GameCube games on. It's my favorite of all the LED mods that I've tried so far.
(51.93 KiB) Not downloaded yet

This is a "N64 Funtastic" Themed GameCube controller that I made using an official clear GameCube controller and a translucent spray.
Translucent GameCube Controller
(136.54 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Here are some custom resin cast buttons that I made for GameCube controllers.
Sparkly Blue Resin Cast Buttons
(1.61 MiB) Not downloaded yet

I customized a friends controller with teal paracord cable.
Custom Controller w/ Paracord Cable
(156.77 KiB) Not downloaded yet

If you're interested in learning some of these modifications or purchasing them you can find guides or items for sale on my website.

Please comment and let me know if you have any interesting GameCube or GameCube controller mods that I should try out or just let me know what you think of my current work!

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