Making a x-input to gamecube converter

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Making a x-input to gamecube converter

Post by thepursuer » Sun Oct 06, 2019 4:52 pm

Hello all. I could not use the search function on the forum so I thought I would just make a post. Sorry if this is a duplicate. I would like to make an x-input to gamecube adapter but I need a few things to get going. My plan is to use a pi to handle bluetooth pairing and drivers for me and write out the joystick data to the gamecube itself (actually a wii). Also read in the data for feedback. I am a little worried the pi wont be fast enough so I may pick a different micro if I have to.

First I need to know about the protocol. I found this ... i/Homepage but it is the reverse of what I am doing. If anybody has some better information or a better source for how the communication protocol works please post me a link.

Second I need a gamecube male to usb female adapter. I can make one myself if I have to but there was a premade one for xbox original I could buy on amazon. I was hoping there was one available for the gamecube as well. I realize using pins may be the better option though.

Lastly if this has all been done before and there is something available, can you point me to it?

Thank you for your support! I am good with programming but I am still new to hardware. I realize that my plan may not be the best so please advise me.
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