[TuT] 2 modchips in one gamecube (English)

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[TuT] 2 modchips in one gamecube (English)

Post by yamaharacer » Tue Jun 14, 2011 2:58 pm

In this turotial I want to demonstrate how you can install a Qoob modchip and a xenogc modchip in one gamecube.

If you want to load backups you can easiely switch to the xenogc and so you have not to wait for the qoob pro boot screen.
For Homebrew switch to Qoob.
Less DREs in XenoGC position maybe its cause the xenoGC directly patches the disk drive and the Qoob patches the bios.

non till now

Things you will need to have for this mod:

Gamecube rev. a,b or c
special screwdriver for opening the cube
Qoob modchip
XenoGC modchip
solder iron
some thin wires
hot-melt gun
switch with 2 on positions like this one:
http://www.conrad.de/ce/de/product/7011 ... Detail=005
AKZ clamp 6pol like this one:
http://www.conrad.de/ce/de/product/7299 ... 5&ref=list
heat shrink tube
http://www.conrad.de/ce/de/product/5459 ... Detail=005

Lets start modding.
First you need to disassemble the whole gamecube. For opening the cube case you need to use the special gamecube bit. After you have disassembled the top of the cube you can use a normal crosshead screwdriver for the rest of the screws.
A whole instruction how to disassemble the cube you can find here:
http://wiki.nintendo-scene.com/index.ph ... ntable=yes

After you have the disk drive the wrong way round in front of you we can start modding.
First have a look on the shematic:

The best way to start is to use the hot-melt gun and position the xenogc modchip directly on the drive board like its on the picture. After that solder the xeno gc like its on the shematic.
The wires for the switch you can lay out of this position:

After that we start workling with the AKZ clamp:

Use heat shrink tube to isolate the pins of the AKZ clamp.

When you are ready you can reassamble the metal plate of the disk drive back on the bottom. After that the AKZ clamp hangs in the air. This is very dangerous for the xenogc. So you use the hot-melt gun again and position the AKZ clamp there:


Now you have really a big part of the mod behind you. Now you start installing the Qoob modchip on the gamecube motherboard like you see it in the shematic. After that you only have to install the Qoob modchip and the switch on the AKZ clamp like here:


Finally you have to drill a hole for the switch into your case. In my opinion the best position ist in the back on the left side. Cause there you have short ways to wire.

Now you will have a problem. The XenoGC switch position wont work cause the Lid switch will only send a signal through the Qoob modchip. So you have 2 methods the solve this problem:

Solder a bridge on the Lid Switch or the Qoob Lid Switch board like here:

Solder the Lid Switch parallel.

When you have done this we are ready and you can reassamble your gamecube. Now you can chose three options on the switch.

1. Qoob enabled/ xeno disabled
2. xeno enabled/ Qoob disabled
3. nothing enabled

Caution! Its nesseccary to solder the O contact of the Xeno gc in the middle of the switch. If you havent done this you only have 2 options on the switch. Nothing enabled wont be an option in that case.
You can also install a vipergc as a third modchip. This would be easier because the viper gc has a dip swich to enable it out of the box. But with three modchips you defenetly need to solder the Lid Switch parallel.

Finally I want to say that I dont give any guarantee on this tutorial. I have developed everything on my own.
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