Titles You'd Like to See for the NX

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Titles You'd Like to See for the NX

Post by Godlings_Rapture » Wed Mar 30, 2016 2:54 pm

2017 (Launch)
QOL: Quality of Life
Metroid Prime 4
Pikmin Online
Super Mario 3D Collection
Super Mario Bros. 5
Resident Evil 2/3/0 HD Collection

Q1: WarioWare's Strange Dream World
Q1: Super Smash Bros. HD Collection
Q2: Star Fox Online
Q2: Pikmin 4
Q3: Legend of Zelda Maker
Q3: F-Zero NX
Q4: Super Mario Galaxy 3
Q4: Super Mario Volleyball
Q4: Nintendo Sports

Q1: Fire Emblem:
Q1: Pokemon Stadium 3
Q2: Metroid Extreme
Q2: Earthbound Stasis
Q3: Super Mario Surfing
Q3: [New IP]
Q4: Bayonetta 3
Q4: Pokken 2
Q4: Nintendo Fitness

Q1: Baten Kaitos III: Resurgent Wings
Q1: Mario Party: Dance Trance
Q2: Splatoon 2
Q2: Mario Kart NX
Q3: Super Smash Bros. 5
Q3: [New IP]
Q4: Super Mario (3D Game)
Q4: Super Mario Extreme Sports
Q4: Nintendo Sports

Q1: Baten Kaitos: Online Card Battle Arena
Q1: Donkey Kong Country: Wild Safari
Q2: Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
Q2: Battalion Wars III
Q3: Star Fox: Great Journey
Q3: Xenoblade ____
Q4: Legend of Zelda NX
Q4: [New IP]
Q4: Yoshi's Clay World

Q1: Golden Sun: A New Age
Q1: Super Mario 128
Q2: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Redemption
Q2: Pokemon Adventure
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