The hunt for PAL Revision 1.1 IPL

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The hunt for PAL Revision 1.1 IPL

Post by emu_kidid » Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:27 pm

A few of us are on the lookout for a PAL Revision 1.1 IPL - I'm fairly sure it exists and that I've even had a GameCube with it before but I can't seem to locate said GameCube now :cry:

So the next time you boot Swiss please check your GameCube revision by going to the little info icon.

If you have "PAL Revision 1.1" please post a screenshot/IPL dump or contact me via PM!

Already known/dumped types:
PAL Revision 1.0
PAL Revision 1.2
MPAL Revision 1.1
NTSC Revision 1.0
NTSC Revision 1.1
NTSC Revision 1.2

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