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Save file corruption with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 10:21 pm
by BomberDino
I'm using a genuine DOL-008 memory card. I've had to order a memory card for each kid because this happens. Only one Chao Garden is saved; it's shared between all the files. And data is written to the wrong save. The files are all out of order as you can see. File 2 actually used to be File 1, and vice versa. Additionally, the "amount of time played" information is wrong (not shown in picture.) The game took 3 hours played from File 2 and moved it to File 1. The emblems seem intact. Was this game just buggy to begin with? I would think something this basic would have been tested. This is the second time this has happened. At first I thought maybe the memory card was corrupt, so I switched to another one, started everyone with new files, and same thing happened. I couldn't find anyone else sharing a similar experience online. Has anyone here experienced this issue?
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Re: Save file corruption with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 10:38 am
by N7Kopper
Doesn't seem corrupt to me.
Anything wrong with the time played is either you miscounting or a genuine game bug. The game autosaves to the right files. Corruption would mangle file checksums and possibly even filesystem data and all that.

As for the Chao Garden, each card has one save file by design. You need more cards if you want more saves. (This makes 100%ing the game a second time way easier, for anyone nutty enough to try)

If your kids all want their own Chao Gardens, they need their own cards, end of story. Three and four player races without any GBAs is very fiddly because of that. (Also, encourage the little ones to raise a Hero and a Dark Chao to unlock the other gardens, because only 8 Chao can be in a garden, and they'll move on their own, even to locked gardens)

Re: Save file corruption with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2020 7:29 pm
by BomberDino
So one of the file saves in those pictures was mine, and no question the game has bugs reading and writing multiple game saves to the same memory card. So far it seems like it will write the saves to the wrong spots and mess up the time played counter, but everything else stays intact.

Could you elaborate on why the game was designed to only have one Chao Garden per memory card? When I started my new game on File 2 (now listed as File 1 due to aforementioned bug), I had an empty garden and named my Chaos and everything. But then when I came back the next day, my Chao were gone and File 1's Chao were there. It was odd that the game let me go through the process to begin with if I couldn't save the Chao Garden separately.