Gamecube Anostrophic Filtering issues

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Gamecube Anostrophic Filtering issues

Post by Kobeskillz » Mon Dec 07, 2020 3:59 pm

I’ve been having a few headaches with some games and either freezing/locking up, visual glitches and other stuff. Since I’m still kinda new to this swiss thing I thought it was just normal with running games off the SD card. I even formatted my card to fat32 to help. I have a 400g card.

I kept looking on the internet to see if anyone had the same issues with the games I was having and I couldn’t find anything. It seemed like I was the only one having these issues. Games like Underground 1, Bikini Bottom and Waverace would freeze during the main menu. Other games would get weird visual glitches at some point during the game and then lock up.

I’m running action replay and running my games off the serial port 2.

At first I thought maybe the SD2SP2 that I got so was about to order a new one or that the SD2SP2 wasn’t as good as the ghecko but no one else was having the same issue when I googled it.

Well if finally figured out what was causing all these issues!!! The anostrophic filter option!!!! Once I turned it off it fixed almost all my issues! Just a heads up for anyone having similar issues that this option isn’t perfect and it’s probably best turned off as you never know at what point of a game will it cause problems.

I found out when I was testing every thing and at one point it didn’t load my settings so it defaulted to OFF then the games worked. When I went back to my regular set up they weren’t working again. So I one by one turned off all options and tested the result and sure enough it was that.

Other games outright won’t play but still but I think that’s something else. NBA2k3, SSX3.

Sorry for the long thing but had to get this out and it might help one or two people the headaches.

ps. Hopefully this doesn't come off as complaining. Just a heads up. The work the Swiss team has done is absolutely amazing. I have so much respect and gratitude for what they've done.
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