Helloooo!!! GC FOREVER, I have some Questions?

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Helloooo!!! GC FOREVER, I have some Questions?

Post by Dr_Jim » Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:41 am

Helloooo!!! GC FOREVER

I i'm Dr_Jim from Australia and i have some Questions?

1. can a pal GameCube use a component cable?

2. if not, then what is the best option for Pal?

3. i know that using a CRT TV is better then a HDMI TV, but all have for a CRT is a computer monitor that has VGA and component, model is a sony trinitron multiscan g520 <- this is just the numbers on the front?
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Re: Helloooo!!! GC FOREVER, I have some Questions?

Post by Streetwalker » Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:13 am


1. Yes, as long as it's a DOL-001 (has a digital out port in the back).
2. GC-video is cheaper, and has both an analog and an HDMI variant. On a PAL console, the SCART RGB cable is also an option, but can't do 480p.
3. A CRT isn't strictly better than a modern TV, the GC looks perfectly fine on an LCD. The component cable and the analog version of GC-video can't do line doubling so you most likely won't be able to play in 240p or 480i on a VGA monitor.
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