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Post by migles » Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:47 am

hello, just joined this forum, i am always in gbatemp, but decided to join here to the NGC lovers club

gamecube stuff that i own:

got a gamecube like 2 months ago, its a PAL dol 001
bought a complete in box gba player for it
251 blocks official card
gba-ngc link cable
gba and GBC link cables to link the gba player with my gba (which is an ags 101)
have a BC wii which i used and still use for gamecube stuff (very handy to save backup and nintendont)

stuff that i plan and may get later: 1 official 1019 blocks card, and 3 dedicated small cards for the 3 pokemon games (for my own simplicity and avoid loosing saves, i know i can back them, but i feel much safer and simple to go with dedicated cards for the saves i really don't wanna lose.)
a bunch of official games that i enjoy, like the zelda ones, maybe mario sunshine
a component cable, or a hdmi adaptor. i need to look for info about this.
broadband adaptor