Long time French Zelda player new there.

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Long time French Zelda player new there.

Post by Papy.G » Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:25 am

Hi, my parents not beeing that much fond of technology, I entered the Video Game world quite late, with the Gameboy for '92 Christmas, and had to play only Tetris for one year then got Link's Awakening next Christmas. From there began a high addiction to adventure games, and espescially Zelda ones. Having no other system, I waited for looong to get new adventures, that was the time I went for the Mystic Quest that got me a step in the FF world, then I got deceived by the Quest for Camelot and that feeling of a non-finished product. When Zelda Oracles, the slashed "acorn" trilogy, went out for Gameboy Color, I bought a Gameboy Advance to play them, then added LTTP/FS and Minish Cap to the list, and MKSS. I had a crush for the Zelda WW Gamecube Pack, bought the limited edition FFCC, luidgi's Mansion, Mario Sunshine, MKDD, Zelda FS pack, and with all my Nintendo points, could get the GC Zelda collector's edition disc. Twilight Princess was the last GC game I bought. The DS was bought on a crush too, I loved MKDD, but the online possibility of MKDS was soo tempting! Then, I got the two DS Zeldas, and to finish, my girlfriend offered me the Skyward Sword Limited edition Pack, with golden wiimote for my birthday (December 13th), so I was bound to buy a Wii for Christmas (White MK pack, RVL100). That makes for 15 different Zelda adventures now, I didn't finish half of them, and I don't have much time to play now, so I don't buy new consoles anymore.

Computers also, took long to invest our home, but did it at last, thanks to donations, we managed to get an Oric Atmos 48k, Atari 520STf, then the 1040 with high resolution monochrome display, a Macintosh LCIIIb. Then I began to buy used Macs, a Performa 6200/CD, a Powermac7600/132. With work money I could then afford brand new machines, and I bought the eMac800SD (with the 10GB touchwheel iPod (FireWire)), then my current iMac intel (late 2006 20" C2D 2.16).

I'm tinkering a little with very light hard mods and repair (and sometimes fail), and homebrew devices. I bought a WiiSD long ago, and kept it aside, not using it. One day, my kid broke the SMS disc, seeing the current price of the game, I looked for a way to use a backup copy, and found helpful informations about Game exploits and Swiss here.

I have to re-organize all my stuff and it is in process. Some collector's packs will go (some already did, DMG/Tetris Pack, DOL/WW Pack, for example) since i'm not a real collector, just a user, some consoles need attention, and I won't need, for example, four DSes, nor a platinum GBplayer now I only have purple and black GameCubes.
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Zelda WW with Tingle Tuner in split screen was what the GC RF modulator was made for! (Video)
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Re: Long time French Zelda player new there.

Post by emu_kidid » Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:41 pm

Welcome, enjoy your stay :)
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