Gamecube Graphics Library options

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Gamecube Graphics Library options

Post by capzlk » Wed Feb 10, 2016 4:50 pm

So I've been trying my hand at getting some gamedev going in my spare time, but I'm finding that there isn't much in terms of graphics libraries. 2D or 3D. Almost everything is Wii only, which makes sense but is frustrating.

I first started hacking up swiss' drawing routines, but had issues with the colors being all wrong on my GC but working fine in dolphin.

I've also made an attempt to hack up GRRLib, and managed to get it to run on the gamecube, but ran into an issue where it would clip anything but the background image when drawing at certain offsets. Considering I am not familiar with libOGC, nor GRRLib, it's turned into quite the frustrating experience.

Now there apparently are incomplete versions of SDL 1.x for the cube, but that's not likely to be the way to go since I'd prefer something that uses hardware accelerated drawing.

Is there ANYTHING that's a little higher level, like an engine or framework to play with? I don't really have time to spend on understanding the inner workings of libOGC and the GC hardware to sort these issues out :(
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