Worldwide finding rare GameCube Discs

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Worldwide finding rare GameCube Discs

Post by Borg Number One » Wed Mar 10, 2021 11:18 pm

Project: Worldwide finding rare / unpublished GameCube Discs
Project: Worldwide finding rare GameCube information

It would be great, if the words that I choose in this post will describe the problem in a good way to hit the point.
I hope, some one or many people (with seldom/rare/unpublished GameCube disc treasures) will find this article in google, while searching for GameCube related topics.

The past weeks I did use to find and read many, many GameCube related articles about:
GameCube hardware, software, programming, pinouts, GameCube schematics, protocols etc...
Well, while I did the GameCube articles research, I figured out that in the past few days some sites / articles with unique information
did suddenly disappear / suddenly are not available anymore - for example:

The problem
I know, that there is Google cache and that there is
But, these tools are just usefully, if you already know the (death) GameCube related links.

To fight against this problem, I started to build up a GameCube Links library (html file) - in this way:

Code: Select all

keyword (or: keyword a, keyword b, keyword c)

keyword  (or: keyword a, keyword b, keyword c)
URL 2.1

...I will publish it - hopefully soon.

While finding and reading all the GameCube related articles, I did also find information about GameCube Tech Demos:
  • Mario 128
  • SpaceWorld 2000 Tech Demo ( Link and Ganondorf )

Furthermore I did find information and .iso images about GamCube Service Discs / GameCube Aging Discs: -- GameCube Service Disc v1.0/03 – The Cutting Room Floor -- Running Gamecube Service Disc on Dolphin (and Aging Test Disc) --- - Aging Test disc
( -- Dolphin, the GameCube and Wii emulator - Forums > Game Support > GameCube > [GC] Aging Test For Production Discs -- Aging Test For Production Discs - Dolphin Emulator Wiki
( -- GameCube: Aging Test For Production. try59 (USA) - Internet Archive -- Nintendo Gamecube Service Disc 0 7 - YouTube ("Gamecube Service disc 0.7" =? "Aging Disc DOL-USA Ver. 07" = "Aging Test For Production")

Furthermore, I did find this page about "GameCube DIAG" / "GameCube DIAG Disc": -- DIAG - RGDWiki (DIAG for GameCube / GameCube DIAG Disc)

So, I did use google...:"GameCube+diag+disc"

and I found this: -- picuki - @galdius_ - Gamecube Diag disc 2001/06/01

Then, I did some further research and I figured out that it is from: -- Galdius on Instagram: Gamecube Diag disc 2001/06/01

( ... e=607304E4 ; ... 4f3e2a.jpg)
So, I did create an instagram account and I wrote him a message, if he could dump the Diag 2001/06/01 ( DOL-017J-JPN ) disc please.

Then I found this page...: -- Nintendo Gamecube Asia Missing - Redump Wiki

...and I thought: Are there more people who:
  • have seldom / rare / unpublished GameCube Discs at home or in the attic or in the cellar?
  • are able to do the same (small) efforts finding other people with seldom / rare GameCube Discs?
In other words:
Dear reader, as I described the problem above: GameCube related links / sites / pages will disappear in future - more and more.
(possible reasons: no more money to host a page with GameCube related content, accidents with the server/harddisk where the GameCube related content is/was stored on, personally accidents, lost access data, no desire to continue a GameCube related homepage, etc...)

So, please help that the problem of GameCube related pages disappearing will not expand to a disappearance issue of rare/unpublished/seldom/developer related GameCube Discs / Disc images / GameCube Disc Dumps an GameCube Disc Photos.

If you have a rare (not for sale / unpublished) GameCube Disc then please do not hesitate to dump it (e.g. with CleanRip), make some Photos and publish/post the news....

Thank you very much.
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