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Getting a GDEV w/ ODEM to work...

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2021 5:12 pm
by Brakels
So I got my hands on a GDEV, complete with ODEM card, cable, and a USB/EXI adapter, and it seems to accept reset commands from the PC via ODEM, but it doesn't run code. Whenever I try to run one of the demos, the GDEV resets, then comes up with a black screen with white text that says "Checking...", and every 20 seconds or so it changes to a black screen with red text that says "Device not ready".

Whenever the GDEV resets, I can read the following text off the serial port:

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Dolphin OS $Revision: 36 $
Kernel build : May 28 2001 14:21:39
Console Type : Development HW3
Memory 48 MB
Arena : 0x8156bf60 - 0x81700000
Bus Clock = 162000000 Hz
Core Clock = 486000000 Hz
I've tried two different PCs at this point, with the same results, as well as both Windows XP SP2 and XP SP3. I also replaced the USB cable, as well as the HPDP68 M/M cable that is used to connect between the ODEM card and the GDEV (I wonder, is it just a SCSI connection?) I don't have any other ODEM drivers to try than the ones I found online (I think they were packaged with the UberInstaller, which I think I found on, and has SDKs, drivers, tools, demos, and other stuff).

I also installed Codewarrior and built a sample app, but when I tried to debug it on the GDEV, Codewarrior popped up a dialog that said something about waiting for the debug monitor to come up, and never got any farther than that. As far as I could tell, nothing was running on the GDEV.

This is very frustrating! I'd love to find someone with some working hardware to compare notes with. My gut right now thinks it is the ODEM card, but it is hard to find any details about it. For example, there's nine LEDs on the back of my card that all light up steady when the card is running, and I don't know what their purpose is. They are labeled D0-D7, and D10. When I looked up the reported device id I got from Device Manager, it said it belonged to an FPGA development board, and when I looked up the chips on the card, there are two big FPGA chips. Which makes sense, from what little I know about electrical engineering, you aren't going to make custom ASICs for a product that will only be sold to a very small number of developers, and there's probably not an off the shelf solution for what this does.

Here's some detailed pics of the ODEM card:
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Re: Getting a GDEV w/ ODEM to work...

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2021 6:02 am
by liquitt
I've seen lots of content like this from @hard4games and @OfficialDevJeff on Twitter. Maybe ask them for help?

Re: Getting a GDEV w/ ODEM to work...

Posted: Wed Aug 18, 2021 3:25 pm
by Brakels
No response from OfficialDevJeff so far, but I'll try hard4games next. Thanks!

Re: Getting a GDEV w/ ODEM to work...

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2021 2:37 pm
by Brakels
No luck with finding someone with working hardware yet. I found one collector with a different revision of ODEM, but they are understandably not interested in a trade, and they don't know if their ODEM works at all.

I do have a driver disc that came with the GDEV/ODEM, but is unreadable. I'll attach pictures, in case anyone reading this has any idea how to either a) read a CD-R that reports being blank and appears to have an adhesive label that has eaten through the data layer, or b) has a copy of this disc and is willing to share the contents with me.
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