N64 GCvideo-DVI hybrid

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N64 GCvideo-DVI hybrid

Post by andre104623 » Mon Aug 03, 2020 8:48 am

For years I was mad at the fact that ultraHDMI was so much money and was hard to get, hard to install, and I really never trusted the flex pcb that was soldered to the RCP (long term) really mileage will depend on installer skill level. Then I saw these clone Gamecube to HDMI that where GCvideo's and software resold as an plug-and-plug and to be fair there was 2 that were really good so good so good I bought one the kaico brand with remote all metal and the IR remote works without being a clear sight to the IR sensor and what won me over was the plug and play connector its a 1:1 to the real one with metal shelding around it as well. The other is GCplug or something its junk but its 35 dollars and can be opened easly for updating but why a mini-HDMI??!!!. Anyway there was one that boiled my eye balls when I saw the price the MK 2 or whatever 150 dollars really?? then for a real joke they made a mark 2 that made use of the AV port so you can use HDMI and wii component cables (which are hard to find). So I let it go got good ratings and I thought it would die off but then they made a N64 to HDMI converter for 150 dollars??!!!! again I thought to myself so I guess they made the gcvideo-lite N64 code work but how into a plug a play device so I bought one.

I going to warn everyone its shit IT DOES NOTHING AT ALL my RGB modded N64 makes that thing look like 4k. So me and my friend got to work and we made a device that is like the GC-video-dvi but needs a breakout board to be installed in the n64 and like the GC version of the DVI it has OSD, can overlay scanlines, SPDIF out, sound over DVI, also IGR that I will try to port to the GC version

I'm making all my work pubic so anyone can build one it's not done yet about 85% complete so keep an eye out
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Re: N64 GCvideo-DVI hybrid

Post by count.zero » Sat Aug 08, 2020 9:45 am

That's great! I am waiting for a decent hdmi solution for N64. The mini hdmi is usually chosen because to use the standard hdmi port you have to pay some fees to the hdmi consortium.
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