Help needed with GCNrd

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Help needed with GCNrd

Post by Dragoon » Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:40 pm

I have:
-PAL Gamecube DOL-001 rev A
-Crossover cable (10 m)
-A pc with windows XP home service pack 3
-GCNrd V1.10b
-Tele2 modemrouter
-SD media launcher
-F-Zero GX
-Normal ethernet cable (router to pc)

What I have been able to do / What I did:
Hooked up the gamecube and started GCNrd.dol via SDML.
Setup the network as following:
rest is all defaults
I put in F-Zero GX and choose start game and press A.
Now I start GCNrd and press start, so far so good.

My problem:
When I hooked GCNrd to F-Zero GX, I'm not able to do anything.
It won't dump memory, pause the game, or any other things.

Please help. I hope you now have enough info :D

btw. I use my onboard LAN port.

Edit: I tried it with Super smash bros melee, same results :s
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