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Post by emu_kidid » Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:59 am

NinjaMod was a rip off of the original tmbinc IPL replacement. It was poorly manufactured and known to have a high failure rate.
It used GCOS 1.4 with a modified background image and modified menu layout - which was later expanded on by paying a developer to add in ISO9660 browsing support to keep up with other IPL replacement features of the time. No source was released even though the NinjaMod was sold with GPL code flashed on it.

Feature List:
* Direct No-Swap Boot of All Media
* Support for all regions (PAL, USA and Japan).
* 16Mbit flash memory for application storage.
* DVD +-R Compatible
* Create Backups to PC via network connection (Requires BBA adapter)
* Boot Homebrew via network connection (Requires BBA adapter)
* Supports BIOS Update via DVD or via network connection (Requires BBA adapter)
* Only 7 wires to solder
* Includes 2 different BIOS Banks ( Bank 1 = Ninja Shell, Bank 2 = User Programmable )
* Based on tmbinc's IPL replacement with modified GCOS as base (no GPL code released, shame on them... )

Ninja Shell Versions:
* 1.01 (Correct bug making ISO in Backup)
* 1.02 NONSWAP DVD-R ,Autoboot Enabled for BIOS 1,New Look,AutoVideoMode *FIXED*
* 1.02 NONSWAP DVD-R ,Autoboot Disabled for BIOS 2,New Look
* 1.4 NONSWAP DVD-R/DVD+R ,Autoboot Enabled for BIOS 1,IP RTime,Video RTime
* 1.4 NONSWAP DVD-R/DVD+R ,Autoboot Disabled for BIOS 2,IP RTime,Video RTime
* 2.0 NONSWAP DVD-R/DVD+R ,AudioFix,Multigames,NO DRE,IP RTime,Video RTime
* 2.0 'Players' NONSWAP DVD-R/DVD+R ,No Menu,Autorun BACKUP ,Audiofix,Multigames,NO DRE
* 2.02 NONSWAP DVD-R/DVD+R ,AudioFix,Multigames,NO DRE,DVDLOADER,IP RTime,Video RTime,*ESPA袿L*
* 2.03 NONSWAP DVD-R/DVD+R ,AudioFix,Multigames,NO DRE,DVDLOADER,IP RTime,Video RTime,PAL/NTSC,Big Font
* 2.1 NONSWAP DVD-R/DVD+R ,AudioFix,Multigames,NO DRE,DVDLOADER,IP RTime,Video RTime,PAL/NTSC,Big Font,MemCard Manager,GCOM 2.3,GCOS 1.5,SDLOADER

Original Ninja Shell BIOS
(58.97 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Ninja Shell updated look
(49 KiB) Not downloaded yet
The chip itself:
(56.63 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Installation required that a pin was lifted (something that all ipl replacements worked around apart from this one because it's nothing more than a tmbinc IPL replacement ripoff running GPL code that was never released)
(32.44 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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Re: NinjaMod

Post by zhou9562 » Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:19 am

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Re: NinjaMod

Post by boozezela » Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:15 am

Ninjashell 2.1a .dol and .dolZ
Ninjashell 2.1a .dol and .dolZ
(1.09 MiB) Downloaded 309 times
Gamecube DOL-001 (EUR)
Viper GC Extreme + Cobra 2.1
SD Card Adapter
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