Problem locating Xeno 2.0 chips

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Problem locating Xeno 2.0 chips

Post by HeroProc » Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:23 pm


As the subject states, I am having difficulty tracking down the v2.0 XenoGC Modchip online. There are many listings on ebay/Amazon/mod-storefronts selling Xeno chips but I can't find a single listing that specifically lists the version variant. I've tried contacting various sellers but none can answer my question.

Has anyone here recently purchased a Xeno chip and confirmed that is was the revised 2.0 version? If so can you please point me to that location?
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Re: Problem locating Xeno 2.0 chips

Post by Insomnia » Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:01 pm

Hi HeroProc,

Most chips are clones and most of them have the v2.0 version running on them (from what I've seen and experienced). I've used a couple of chips and all of them were running that version. Here is more info regarding these chips:

One more thing though, the clones don't have a green led from what I know. If u press and hold the start button during boot then it should show version 2.0 (displayed as 1.5) as explained in the link. If u really want a genuine xenogc, then perhaps ebay is ur friend. I am about to buy a couple off this guy (which he lists as original ones, so no clones): ... 2763.l2649
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