ColecoSend - another gba link cable homebrew app

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ColecoSend - another gba link cable homebrew app

Post by Sierron » Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:11 am

Based on FIX94's GoombaSend I made another application for NGC and Wii which can sends an emulator and your desired rom to the gba over the GBA-NGC cable. This application uses the Cologne 0.8 Colecovision emulator and works the same as Goomba.
The application itselfs takes 65kb and you can upload roms up to 191 kb in size (the gba only has 256 kb of Ram).

How to use:
The GBA-NGC cable goes into Gamecube Controller Port 2. Roms (with .col extension) go into the /roms/coleco/ folder on your SD Gecko (and also on usb for Wii - same folder).

Default Controls: (may differ depending on game)
DPad = Move around
B = Left Button
A = Right button
START = Button 1
L = Button *
R = Button #

L + R = Opens up the Emulator menu

Additionally L, R, Start and Select can be mapped to other buttons (0-9, # and *). You may need to setup those buttons.

Thanks you to FIX94 for making Goombasend. :)
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