Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

Post by Ralf@gc-forever » Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:28 am

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland [GH9P52]

Code: Select all

Max/Infinite Cash [Ralf]
049FAAC4 0098967F

Enable Debug Options [Ralf]
009F05A9 000000FF

Unlock All Cheats [Ralf]
009F05AB 000000FF

Unlock All Movies [Ralf]
009F05AA 000000FF

Unlock All Characters [Ralf]
009F05EC 000700FF

Enable Collector's Edition [Ralf]
043E711C 00000001

Freeze Timer On/Off (Press Z + L/R) [Ralf]
28341990 00000030
041CCA7C 7C090050
E2000001 80008000
28341990 00000050
041CCA7C 60000000
E2000001 80008000

Super Combo [Ralf]
047AD5D0 4479C000

Super Spin [Ralf]
047ACB74 42C80000

Super Speed [Ralf]
047ACB70 42C80000

Super Ollies [Ralf]
047ACB6C 42C80000

No Focus Time Limit [Ralf]
047AD568 42C80000

Infinite Special [Ralf]
047AD5E0 00000B51

Perfect Stalls [Ralf]
007B3F94 00070000
007B3FA0 00070000

Perfect Manuals [Ralf]
007B3EB4 00070000
007B3EC0 00070000

Perfect Rails [Ralf]
007B3F24 00070000
007B3F30 00070000

Have All Abilities [Ralf]
087B4F1C 00000001
20010008 00000000
047B4F3C 00000001
047B4F44 00000001
047B4F74 00000001
047B4F7C 00000001
047B4F8C 00000001
087B4FB4 00000001
20080008 00000000
087B5014 00000001
20020008 00000000

Play Atlanta (Hold L+R+X On Level Select Screen) [Ralf]
28341990 FB9F0460
0489DDCC E661BF47
E2000001 80008000

Play Marseilles (Hold L+R+Y On Level Select Screen) [Ralf]
28341990 F79F0860
0489DDCC D4B065E8
E2000001 80008000

Play Z_TestLevel (Hold L+R+Z On Level Select Screen) [Ralf]
28341990 FF8F0070
E2000001 80008000

Replace Minneapolis With Atlanta [Ralf]
028779AA 00002A00

Replace Santa Cruz With Marseilles [Ralf]
028779FA 000029C0

Replace The Mall With Z_TestLevel [Ralf]
028779BE 00002B00


Max CAP Scale [Ralf]
04A0D380 01000138
04A0D384 013801FC

Cemetary Theme [Ralf]
04A1DAF8 00020000

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