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Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:18 pm
by Ralf@gc-forever
Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade [GTPP6S]

Code: Select all

Enable 60Hz Mode [Ralf]
04277020 3BA001C0
04277ED4 4182001C
06277EDC 0000002C
D01F0020 3C003FBB
6000BBBC 901F0024
48000070 3C003F80
901F0020 3C003F8C
6000CCCD 901F0024
48000058 00000000
04357B70 38600005

Infinite Health [Ralf]
C21C6358 00000003
3C00801C 60006308
7C0C0040 40820008
EC21F828 00000000

One Hit Kills [Ralf]
C21C635C 00000004
3C00801C 60006308
7C0C0040 40820008
C02D0004 D0230000
60000000 00000000

Infinite Mana [Ralf]
041C6F08 60000000

Infinite Stamina [Ralf]
041C704C 60000000

Infinite Arrows [Ralf]
041CF328 60000000

Have All Special Attacks & Divine Powers [Ralf]
041C6590 60000001
041C6594 90030088

Have Lightsword (Press L+Z) [Ralf]
041FD124 60000000
041FCC78 3817FFE0
28482508 FFAF0050
041FCC78 3800003C
E2000001 80008000

God Mode On/Off (Press A+B+Y) [Ralf]
041FCC80 41811528
28482508 F4FF0B00
041FCC80 38000002
E2000001 80008000

Gore Level +/- (Press B+Y/X+Y) [Ralf]
C21FCC2C 00000006
3C608048 A0032508
5400056B 41820008
3AE0005A A0032508
540005AD 41820008
3AE0005B 3B600000
60000000 00000000

Play As Xyxex Demon [Ralf]
06004C00 00000034
A0040007 28007061
40820024 A004000D
28006E6B 40820018
3C007879 60007865
90040007 3C007800
9004000B 4807FFA9
4808097C 00000000
040855A8 4BF7F658

Paul Outfit Modifier [Ralf]
06004C00 00000028
A0040007 28007061
40820018 A004000D
28006E6B 4082000C
380000xx 9804000F
4807FFB5 48080988
040855A8 4BF7F658

xx = Outfit ID

31 - Sergeant Brother
32 - Turcoplier
33 - Knight Brother
34 - Commander of Knights
35 - Seneschal
36 - Grand Master

Paul: Grand Master Outfit [Ralf]
06004C00 00000028
A0040007 28007061
40820018 A004000D
28006E6B 4082000C
38000036 9804000F
4807FFB5 48080988
040855A8 4BF7F658

Multiplayer Character Enabler (Play as Holy Paul) [Ralf]
06004C00 00000040
A0040007 28007061
40820030 A004000D
28006E6B 40820024
3C006D70 60005F74
90040007 3C00656D
6000706C 9004000B
3C006172 9004000F
4807FF9D 48080970
040855A8 4BF7F658

The Multiplayer Character Enabler code must be on for the following codes:

Play as ...

Arab Assassin 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 0245BFE4
057F6368 0004C0FB

Arab Assassin 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 024A80E0
057F6368 00034E46

Armor Wraith [Ralf]
057F6364 0244E21C
057F6368 0000DDC8

Bishop Knight Leader [Ralf]
057F6364 025384A0
057F6368 00026577

Bishop Knight Warrior [Ralf]
057F6364 0255EA18
057F6368 00026BCA

Black Knight [Ralf]
057F6364 025EC5C0
057F6368 0002C226

Black Knight Demon [Ralf]
057F6364 026187E8
057F6368 0002C262

Crusader Paul 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 02DD1B80
057F6368 00012995

Crusader Paul 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 02DAF030
057F6368 0001029C

Demon Fighter [Ralf]
057F6364 027A7C18
057F6368 00017070

Erik [Ralf]
057F6364 02838324
057F6368 0002375F

European Archer 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 028972B0
057F6368 00028C78

European Archer 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 0286E1BC
057F6368 000290F3

European Commander 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 0285BA84
057F6368 00012737

European Commander 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 028BFF28
057F6368 00025654

European Knight 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 02910F54
057F6368 0002774E

European Knight 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 028E557C
057F6368 0002B9D6

European Warrior 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 029C60BC
057F6368 00029732

European Warrior 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 029386A4
057F6368 00029846

European Warrior 3 [Ralf]
057F6364 02961EEC
057F6368 00025EDC

European Warrior 4 [Ralf]
057F6364 02987DC8
057F6368 000265E0

Evil Monk 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 029EF7F0
057F6368 0002DB4C

Evil Monk 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 02A1D33C
057F6368 0002F1BB

Evil Monk 3 [Ralf]
057F6364 02A68D54
057F6368 0002E4F2

Evil Monk Butcher [Ralf]
057F6364 02AB2B18
057F6368 00024588

Evil Monk Ghost 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 02AD70A0
057F6368 000223C4

Evil Monk Ghost 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 02AF9464
057F6368 0001A5FB

Evil Monk Leader [Ralf]
057F6364 02B13A60
057F6368 000248F2

Evil Monk Scientist [Ralf]
057F6364 02B38354
057F6368 0002C37E

Female Villager [Ralf]
057F6364 02B646D4
057F6368 0001729C

Ghost Archer [Ralf]
057F6364 02B7B970
057F6368 00022FED

Ghost Knight [Ralf]
057F6364 02B9E960
057F6368 000304AA

Ghost Warrior 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 02BCEE0C
057F6368 00024041

Ghost Warrior 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 02BF2E50
057F6368 00025461

Guard Archer [Ralf]
057F6364 0321DC4C
057F6368 000236BA

Guard Boss [Ralf]
057F6364 03241308
057F6368 000200F5

Guard Leader [Ralf]
057F6364 0327B330
057F6368 000216F0

Guard Swordman [Ralf]
057F6364 0329CA20
057F6368 0001F261

Henchman [Ralf]
057F6364 031C9B10
057F6368 00023331

Henry [Ralf]
057F6364 02C69CE4
057F6368 0002232C

Knight Brother Paul [Ralf]
057F6364 02DECE94
057F6368 00011DEB

Lord Bishop [Ralf]
057F6364 0250F450
057F6368 000165A4

Mad Monk [Ralf]
057F6364 02CA6084
057F6368 0001EE89

Male Villager 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 02CD5F0C
057F6368 000164A8

Male Villager 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 02CEC3B4
057F6368 00014FDF

Male Villager 3 [Ralf]
057F6364 02D01394
057F6368 00018D78

Master Assassin [Ralf]
057F6364 02D2CFB0
057F6368 000336AB

Merchant [Ralf]
057F6364 02D6065C
057F6368 0001CA9F

Monk [Ralf]
057F6364 02D7D0FC
057F6368 000180B5

Noble Paul [Ralf]
057F6364 02FB2EE8
057F6368 00013034

Sado Maso Bishop [Ralf]
057F6364 025259F4
057F6368 00012AAC

Saracen Archer 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 02FE1CD4
057F6368 000356C6

Saracen Archer 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 0301739C
057F6368 000356DE

Saracen Commander [Ralf]
057F6364 0306C3B4
057F6368 00034C80

Saracen Grunt 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 030A1034
057F6368 00049B28

Saracen Grunt 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 030EAB5C
057F6368 00049AD0

Saracen Warrior [Ralf]
057F6364 02FC5F1C
057F6368 0001BDB5

Sloth 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 03181174
057F6368 00017C5B

Sloth 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 0313462C
057F6368 0001ED04

Sloth Boss [Ralf]
057F6364 03153330
057F6368 0002DE41

Torturer [Ralf]
057F6364 03198DD0
057F6368 00030D3D

Torturer Demon [Ralf]
057F6364 031ECE44
057F6368 00030E05

Tutorial Warrior 1 [Ralf]
057F6364 032BBC84
057F6368 0000FD73

Tutorial Warrior 2 [Ralf]
057F6364 032CB9F8
057F6368 0000EF55

Tutorial Warrior 3 [Ralf]
057F6364 032DA950
057F6368 0000F1B8

Tutorial Warrior 4 [Ralf]
057F6364 032E9B08
057F6368 0000E7E6

Start/Max HP Modifier (Except Level 1) [Ralf]
041C9764 3C60xxxx
041C9768 907B0000
041C976C 907B0004

xxxx = HP

42C8 -  100 HP
4348 -  200 HP
4396 -  300 HP
43C8 -  400 HP
43FA -  500 HP
4416 -  600 HP
442F -  700 HP
4448 -  800 HP
4461 -  900 HP
447A - 1000 HP
4496 - 1200 HP
44C8 - 1600 HP
44FA - 2000 HP

Start With 1000 HP [Ralf]
041C9764 3C60447A
041C9768 907B0000
041C976C 907B0004

Re: Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 11:15 am
by Ralf@gc-forever

Code: Select all

Show Framerate [Ralf]
0409AE54 48000010

Show Debug Turtle [Ralf]
0409A9F0 60000000

Show Sound Debug Info [Ralf]
0409B36C 60000000

Enable Development Mode [Ralf]
C209CB3C 00000004
80010074 3C808009
6084D418 7C040000
41820008 38600003
801D0654 00000000

Improved Brightness [Ralf]
0409A444 3C604000
0409A448 90610214
0409A44C C0210214

Brightness Modifier [Ralf]
0409A444 3C60xxxx
0409A448 90610214
0409A44C C0210214

xxxx = Brightness

3E80 - 0.25
3F00 - 0.50
3F40 - 0.75
3F80 - 1.00
3FA0 - 1,25
3FC0 - 1.50 (Default)
3FE0 - 1.75
4000 - 2.00 (Maximum)

Re: Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 1:11 pm
by CodyGC
"Infinite Health" causes the Swiss to freeze. "God Mode" is not working and I think the address may be different. The address is this:

41 81 15 28 3C 60 80 40 54 00 10 3A 38 63 8F 9C
7C 03 00 2E 7C 09 03 A6 4E 80 04 20 7F E3 FB 78
48 00 B8 31 28 03 00 00 41 82 00 14 9B 61 00 11
38 63 15 70 38 81 00 11 48 00 15 6D 7C 7B D9 D6
3C 00 43 30 90 01 0C 30 2C 1B 00 00 C8 62 B6 68
90 01 0C 38 7C 1A D1 D6 6C 63 80 00 90 61 0C 34

Re: Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 8:10 am
by Ralf@gc-forever
The "Infinite Health" code and the "God Mode" code are working fine for me. The values of your HEX dump are the same as in my version, so there might be a problem with the used joker address (0x80482508) of the "God Mode" code or the Swiss code handler hook (master code) is rubbish. Try out the following additional master code:

Code: Select all

(m) [Ralf]
C6358D24 800018A8

Re: Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 6:11 pm
by CodyGC
I had already tried this master code and other joker address. There must be a problem with this version of Swiss. I never had any problems with ASM in previous versions. And it seems that putting "FFFF" in "Max Health" solves my problem.

Another question:

TMNT 3 has a pointer for "Infinite Health" that does not work in other stages. I can make these pointers but I need each one to work only in its respective stages.

I found an address that shows which stage was loaded but the pointer doesn't work when I use it. If I use a combination of buttons, it works perfectly. Is it a problem with the Swiss or the game's "Master Code"?

Re: Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

Posted: Tue May 19, 2020 8:08 am
by Ralf@gc-forever
Hmmm... the address that shows which stage was loaded could be a temporary variable or a stack variable, such addresses are unsuitable for conditional codes. You should test out some other "stage" addresses.

Re: Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

Posted: Tue May 19, 2020 6:03 pm
by CodyGC
I tested all addresses. This one in particular is below the address of money and other static values. It should work. It must be a problem with the Swiss.