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Shadow the Hedgehog (PAL/AR/GUPP8P)

Post by CosmoCortney » Wed May 28, 2014 8:30 am

NOTE: Codes are unencrypted because 2 Mastercodes for this game are actually present and cause confusion to people who want to add codes to their Action Replay.

Character Modifiers:

Code: Select all

Sonic is Amy [CosmoCortney]
057E75C8 006400B8
057E75CC 0001940C

Sonic is Maria [CosmoCortney]
057E75C8 006C094C
057E75CC 0001BACC

Sonic is Vector [CosmoCortney]
057E75C8 0086A3DC
057E75CC 0001F12C

Amy is Maria [CosmoCortney]
057E7508 006C094C
057E750C 0001BACC

Amy is Sonic [CosmoCortney]
057E7508 00808D38
057E750C 0002330C
*Looks like sonic has a seizure and levitates

Amy is Vector [CosmoCortney]
057E7508 0086A3DC
057E750C 0001F12C

Charmy is Tails [CosmoCortney]
057E7514 0084B9B0
057E7518 0001EA2C
* Tails has no Tails and does SitUps when flying

Doom's Eye is Omega [CosmoCortney]
057E7520 006DC418
057E7524 0001876C

Doom's Eye is Rouge [CosmoCortney]
057E7520 006F4B84
057E7524 00015CAC

codes change only the model not the voices or abilities (Sonic -> Maria = Maria Attacks monsters LoL). 

Example vid *click*

more codes:

Code: Select all

Growing and Shrinking Rings [CosmoCortney]
044B9DC8 40500000

Fire and dust looks messed up [CosmoCortney]
0451B850 40000000

Insane gun/weapon Fire [CosmoCortney]
0451BA48 40400000

Voices sound like spoken through a phone [CosmoCortney]
04516078 41000000

16/9 screen ratio [CosmoCortney]
04585194 3F920000

Size Modifier for all characters who follow you (Doom's eye, sonic,...) [CosmoCortney]
3F800000 = normal
3EA00000 = tiny
40500000 = massive

Gravity Modifier [CosmoCortney]
3f800000 = normal
3F818000 = low gravity
3F780000 = strong gravity

Tunnelview Effect [CosmoCortney]
045FC358 3E000000

SFX Speed [CosmoCortney]
3f800000 = normal
40400000 = high pitched
3f000000 = low pitched
voices won't be influented

no music [CosmoCortney]
04590A04 00010000
04590AF8 00020000
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Separate posts will be created for each code-category so I can use the post's link for easy code sharing. So please don't wonder that there are some double posts by me.
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Re: Shadow the Hedgehog (PAL/AR/GUPP8P)

Post by teconmoon » Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:40 pm

I couldn't fine a simple Widescreen code for Shadow the Hedgehog [USA] that was as good as your PAL one, so I ported over your Widescreen code :) Thanks for all the hacking you've done on this game!

I don't see a USA thread for this game, so I'm just posting this code here so I don't lose it LOL

16/9 screen ratio [Originally CosmoCortney, ported to USA by TeconMoon]
0458412C 3FA00000
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