Need for Speed: Underground (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

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Need for Speed: Underground (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

Post by Ralf@gc-forever » Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:57 pm

Need for Speed: Underground [GNDP69]

Code: Select all

Enable 60Hz Mode [Ralf]
041E2B28 38600005

16:9 Aspect Ratio (Widescreen) [Ralf]
04005860 C1ADC870

Infinite Nitro [Ralf]
040B2FC8 901E03EC
040B2FD0 901E03F4

Super Easy AI [Ralf]
043C0D3C 00000001

Quick Race: Access Everything [Ralf]
041B2A04 38600001
041B2A08 4E800020

Quick Race: Access All Tracks [Ralf]
043C1270 00000001

Quick Race: Access All Circuit Tracks [Ralf]
04351144 00000001

Quick Race: Access All Sprint Tracks [Ralf]
0435117C 00000001

Quick Race: Access All Drag Tracks [Ralf]
043511B4 00000001

Quick Race: Access All Drift Tracks [Ralf]
043511EC 00000001

Drag Mode: Engine Never Blows [Ralf]
04076020 60000000

No Traffic [Ralf]
040C1B38 48000024
040C1B5C 3AE00000

Max Traffic [Ralf]
040C1B38 48000024
040C1B5C 3AE00010

Traffic Modifier [Ralf]
040C1B38 48000024
040C1B5C 3AE000xx

xx = Traffic (00 .. 10)

Enable Debug Pause Menu (Options) [Ralf]
06002F00 00000028
3CA052FC 60A553E1
7C002800 4082000C
3C608000 60632F1C
4E800020 00440065
00620075 00670000
040D0A50 38000007
041B4058 4BE4EEA8

Enable Debug Camera Modes [Ralf]
043C1B18 00000001

The debug camera modes can be controlled with a second controller plugged into port 2.

Control Keys

START = Switch Through Debug Camera Modes

Debug Camera Mode 1

L/R                = Zoom Out/In
DPad Up/Down       = Rotate Up/Down
DPad Left/Right    = Rotate Left/Right
X/Y                = Switch Through Cars

Debug Camera Mode 2

L/R                = Move Up/Down
A/X                = Move Forward/Backward
B/Y                = Move Left/Right
A-Stick Up/Down    = Look Down/Up
A-Stick Left/Right = Look Left/Right
C-Stick Up/Down    = Move Forward/Backward
C-Stick Left/Right = Move Left/Right 

Debug Camera Mode 3

DPad Left/Right    = Jump To Last/Next Checkpoint
C-Stick Left/Right = Move Car Backward/Forward (Autopilot)

Circuit Stats Modifier

Total Circuit Starts [Ralf]
0432C930 xxxxxxxx

Total Circuit Wins [Ralf]
0432C934 xxxxxxxx

Total Circuit Style Points [Ralf]
0432C938 xxxxxxxx

Sprint Stats Modifier

Total Sprint Starts [Ralf]
0432C90C xxxxxxxx

Total Sprint Wins [Ralf]
0432C910 xxxxxxxx

Total Sprint Style Points [Ralf]
0432C914 xxxxxxxx

Drag Stats Modifier

Total Drag Starts [Ralf]
0432C918 xxxxxxxx

Total Drag Wins [Ralf]
0432C91C xxxxxxxx

Total Drag Style Points [Ralf]
0432C920 xxxxxxxx

Times Totaled [Ralf]
0432C948 xxxxxxxx

Drift Stats Modifier

Total Drift Starts [Ralf]
0432C924 xxxxxxxx

Total Drift Wins [Ralf]
0432C928 xxxxxxxx

Total Drift Style Points [Ralf]
0432C92C xxxxxxxx

Global Stats Modifier

Total Starts [Ralf]
0432C900 xxxxxxxx

Total Wins [Ralf]
0432C904 xxxxxxxx

Total Losses [Ralf]
0432C908 xxxxxxxx

Total Mileage [Ralf]
0432C8FC yyyyyyyy

yyyyyyyy = Mileage in Meters (IEEE-754 SP Floating-Point Number)

Debug Menu

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Posts: 1849
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Re: Need for Speed: Underground (GCN/WIIRD/PAL)

Post by Ralf@gc-forever » Sun Jan 10, 2021 9:32 am

Code: Select all

Quick Race: Replace Freerun Mode With Tournament Mode [Ralf]
040C5AFC 38635D54
040C5B18 3CE06E93
040C5B1C 3D00CDA5
040C5B2C 38800004
040C5B34 60E7F7AA
040C5B38 610858A7

Quick Race: Access All Tracks In All QR Modes [Ralf]
040C8620 4800002C
040C87DC 60000000

Incl. Unused/Beta Tracks


- 1st Ave. Truck Stop
- 7th & Sparling
- 9th & Frey
- 14th and Vine
- 14th and Vine Construction
- Atlantica
- Atlantica Reverse
- Bedard Bridge
- Broadway
- Commercial
- Drift Track 1
- Drift Track 2
- Drift Track 3
- Drift Track 4
- Drift Track 5
- Drift Track 6
- Drift Track 7
- Drift Track 8
- Highway 1
- Inner City

- Inner City Reverse
- Liberty Gardens
- Lock Up
- Main Street
- Main Street Construction
- Market Street Reverse
- Market Street
- National Rail
- National Rail Reverse
- Olympic Square
- Olympic Square Reverse
- Port Royal
- Port Royal Reverse
- Spillway
- Stadium
- Stadium Reverse
- Terminal
- Terminal Reverse
- Test Track

Traffic Vehicle Modifier [Ralf]
040C1BC4 3B8000xx

xx = Vehicle ID

Vehicle IDs

14 - Taxi Cab 1
15 - Chevrolet Sedan 1
16 - Ambulance (Unused Car)
17 - Taxi Cab 2
18 - Panelvan
19 - Coupe
1A - Fire Truck (Unused Car)
1B - Grolson Parcelvan
1C - Chevrolet Pickup
1D - Chevrolet Sedan 2
1E - Silver Eagle Bus (Unused Car)
1F - SUV
20 - Minivan
21 - Hatchback 1
22 - Hatchback 2

Replace Traffic Vehicles With Ambulance [Ralf]
040C1BC4 3B800016

Replace Traffic Vehicles With Fire Truck [Ralf]
040C1BC4 3B80001A

Replace Traffic Vehicles With Silver Eagle Bus [Ralf]
040C1BC4 3B80001E

Purely Random Traffic Vehicles (Incl. Unused Vehicles) [Ralf]
060C1BB8 00000018
7C6C42E6 68638408
7063000F 4182FFF4
38630013 7C7C1B78

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