Zelda collection GCN: Forcing 8mb mode

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Zelda collection GCN: Forcing 8mb mode

Post by 47iscool » Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:48 pm

The reason for this would be to allow it run more games that require the expansion pack than just Majora.

I tried Ocarina and in RAM I searched for 00400000. Then I put Majora in and searched for 00800000 and found three address.
I then tested the Mario Star Road hack without codes. Nothing.

Then I took the addresses and forced them to stay at 00800000. Booted it back up and it asked me to create a save file.

Unfortunately though it freezes after this.

Could it be that it's trying to load certain parts of the Majora ROM? I think with a little reverse engineering it may be possible to run more games than it can normally.

I brought this up because even though the star road hack works on not64 it's slow. And I know these Nintendo-developed emulators can run Mario 64 just fine.


RAM Size 8MB (Majora DOL)
04AAC47C 00800000
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