Virtua Quest (GCN/ARM/NTSC-U)

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Virtua Quest (GCN/ARM/NTSC-U)

Post by Andross89 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:56 pm

If someone has already made some code with my name, the administrator can edit or delete the topic if necessary.

Code: Select all

M (codejunkies)
C41C8C24 0000FF00

Infinite Health (codejunkies) 1
04345EFC 03E703E7

Infinite Special (codejunkies) 2
02345F8C 000003E7
02345F90 000003E7

Infinite Money (codejunkies)
04345F88 05F5E0FF

Multi Jump(press b) (codejunkies & andross89)
12337002 00000200
043454C8 BFD3B646
0A337002 00000200
043454C8 400C0000

Stop Timer (andross89)
003462E3 00000000
024F2AF6 00002328
004F2B0B 00000000

Have All Hunter Badges (andross89)
004E7A72 000000FF

Have All Lost Data (andross89)
004E7A70 000000FF

Have All Virtua Souls (andross89) 3
024E79BC 0000FFFF
004E79BE 000000FF

Have Gallery Complete (andross89)
024E7A9A 0000FFFF

Have Some Virtua Souls
024E79B9 0000FFFF
004E79BB 000000FF
024E79BC 0000FFFF
004E79BE 000000FF
1 - Includes Max Health
2 - Includes Max Special
3 - Can prevent progress in the game. Use at the end of the game or try Have Some Virtua Souls
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