Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury (GCN/WIIRD/NTSC-U)

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Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury (GCN/WIIRD/NTSC-U)

Post by SuperrSonic » Sun Jan 27, 2019 3:54 am

Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury [GABEAF]

Code: Select all

Secret Theme in Park level [Suso]
0619D620 00000005
64662D30 31000000
061A11D0 00000005
64662D30 31000000

Always use alternate costumes (affects P1/P2) [Suso]
2023E338 00000000
066571C0 00000005
735F3270 00000000
E0000000 80008000
2253DD90 00000000
066571C0 00000005
73000000 3F000000
E0000000 80008000

Never use 2p costumes (prevents P2 from using alt) [Suso]
041A5C40 73000000

Freeze Timer [Suso]
0453DE40 00002A1C

Infinite HP for P1 [Suso]
0023FD37 000000FF

Infinite HP for P2 [Suso]
002405D7 000000FF

Infinite power from within P1 [Suso]
0423FEE8 42FF0000

Infinite power from within P2 [Suso]
04240788 42FF0000

Infinite S spell P1 [Suso]
0223FF10 000001FF

Infinite S spell P2 [Suso]
022407B0 000001FF

P1 cannot use S spell [Suso]
0223FF10 0000FFF0

P2 cannot use S spell [Suso]
022407B0 0000FFF0

Spell meter amount for P1 - 0x64 default for most chars, 00 no spells [Suso]
0023FF0B 000000xx

Spell meter amount for P2 - setting it to 01 is useful if you want to hear lines from the NPCs [Suso]
002407AB 000000xx

Deflicker Off [Suso]
0453D8F8 06060000
0453D8FC 15161500
0453D900 00000000

FB Width to 512x [Suso]
0453D8CC 020001C0

Character Loader P1 [Suso]
2853DE78 000000xx
0453DDE8 000000yy
E0000000 80008000

Character Loader P2 [Suso]
2853DE7A 0000xx00
0453DDF0 000000yy
E0000000 80008000

Character Select Screen slot = xx
There are 20 characters in the game,
Zatch being 00 and Victoream being 19
If you want to load Laila in Wonrei's slot (18)
xx would be 0x12 and yy would be 0x1B

Character IDs = yy
0x00 = Zatch
0x01 = Reycom
0x02 = Sugino
0x03 = Kolulu
0x04 = Fein
0x05 = Eshros
0x06 = Robnos 1 <- Only has one spell
0x07 = Robnos 2
0x08 = Maruss
0x09 = Brago
0x0A = Rops
0x0B = Baransha
0x0C = Bari
0x0D = Kido
0x0E = Zeno
0x0F = Tia
0x10 = Kanchome
0x11 = Hyde
0x12 = Ponygon
0x13 = Wonrei
0x14 = Tsao-lon
0x15 = Belgim E.O.
0x16 = Pamoon
0x17 = Demolt
0x18 = Zofis
0x19 = Penny
0x1A = Byonko
0x1B = Laila
0x1C = Victoream

Stage Loader [Suso]
2053DE74 07xx0101
0453DDC4 000000yy
E0000000 80008000

Stage Select Screen slot = xx
There's 12 (actually 13 if you hold L/R) stage slots.
Stage one (River Bed) is 00, last one being 0x0B (Front of Windmill)
However you can also include the hidden level 0x0C (the Faudo sky level)

Story Mode stage IDs = yy
0x01 = Reycom Level 1
0x02 = Reycom Level 2 - Sunset River Bed
0x03 = Sugino Level 1
0x04 = Sugino Level 2
0x05 = Kolulu Level 1
0x06 = Kolulu Level 2
0x07 = Fein Level 1
0x08 = Fein Level 2
0x09 = Eshros Level 1
0x0A = Eshros Level 2
0x0B = Robnos Level 1
0x0C = Robnos Level 2
0x0D = Maruss Level 1
0x0E = Maruss Level 2
0x0F = Baltro Level 1
0x10 = Baltro Level 2
0x11 = Brago Level 1
0x12 = Brago Level 2
0x13 = Rops Level 1
0x14 = Rops Level 2
0x15 = Baransha Level 1
0x16 = Baransha Level 2 - Forest at Night
0x17 = Bari Level 1
0x18 = Bari Level 2
0x19 = Kido Level 1
0x1A = Kido Level 2
0x1B = Penny Level
0x1C = Byonko Level
0x1D = Victoream Level 1
0x1E = Victoream Level 2
0x1F = Laila Level
0x20 = Tsao-lon Level
0x21 = Belgim E.O. Level
0x22 = Pamoon Level 1
0x23 = Pamoon Level 2
0x24 = Demolt Level
0x25 = Zofis Level 1
0x26 = Zofis Level 2
0x27 = Zeno Level 1
0x28 = Zeno Level 2
0x29 = Faudo Level

Stage Loader examples:

Stage Loader - Front of Windmill becomes Laila's stage
2053DE74 070B0101
0453DDC4 0000001F
E0000000 80008000

Stage Loader - Abandoned Factory to Pamoon's 2nd stage
2053DE74 070A0101
0453DDC4 00000023
E0000000 80008000

Char Loader examples:

Char Loader P1 - Baransha to Pamoon
2853DE78 0000000A
0453DDE8 00000016
E0000000 80008000

Char Loader P1 - Tia to Penny
2853DE78 0000000E
0453DDE8 00000019
E0000000 80008000

Char Loader P1 - Kanchome to Byonko
2853DE78 0000000F
0453DDE8 0000001A
E0000000 80008000

Char Loader P1 - Hyde to Laila
2853DE78 00000010
0453DDE8 0000001B
E0000000 80008000

Char Loader P1 - Ponygon to Belgim E.O.
2853DE78 00000011
0453DDE8 00000015
E0000000 80008000

Char Loader P1 - Wonrei to Tsao-lon
2853DE78 00000012
0453DDE8 00000014
E0000000 80008000

Char Loader P1 - Victoream to Zofis
2853DE78 00000013
0453DDE8 00000018
E0000000 80008000

Char Loader P2 - Victoream to Zofis
2853DE7A 00001300
0453DDF0 00000018
E0000000 80008000

When loading a char in P2 only Zofis will work, the other story mode-only characters are missing the AI files and will crash the game.
The Baltro, Pamoon, and Demolt stages will not work properly as standalone stages. Arcade/Gallery Mode shows this can be fixed but I haven't found how.

Game runs at 512x448 on the PS2, on GC 640x448, and the textures are all available as TPLs on the disc you can tell that they left the textures as is and without filtering.
Here's a Devolution screenshot it looks all jagged!
And here's one of the textures
It definitely doesn't look that bad on my TV though, I even displayed the screenshot there and it looked the same as the game.
Because of that I can't really tell if the 512x code works and Dolphin doesn't play nice with it.

Character loader showcase

Template for changing a character's stats:

Code: Select all

2853DE78 0000000F // selected P1 char Kanchome
0453DDE8 0000001B // load Laila as P1
0023FF09 000000xx // total HP for P1
002407A9 000000xx // total HP for P2
0023FF0B 000000xx // total spell meter for P1
002407AB 000000xx // total spell meter for P2
0223FF10 0000FFF0 // no S spell for P1
E0000000 80008000
Because the extra characters have weak attacks and low HP, this code will let you customize each slot.
Every character has different stats, that means using a global value would be bad but it's hard to tell anyway.
So changing P2's HP to 0x0A will make them weak enough for Laila(or any other) to beat. You can remove the lines you don't need. (There's no need to mess with P2's spell meter)
And change P1's MP to 0x01, the only catch is that changing MP won't change the "speed of recovery" which is nearly instant for the extra characters.

What if you don't want to change existing character slots and still use the new characters?

You can use the -Development Data- section of the CSS, that gives you 80 extra slots!
If you don't use this feature normally it's a great solution. Here's how the code changes:

Code: Select all

If you're loading data on memory card in slot A, zz = 01, if you're loading from slot B in addition to slot A, zz = 01
Here's where it might get confusing, if you're loading from slot A but NOT from slot B but you still have a card inserted in B then zz = 00, this needs more testing.
2853DE78 0000zzxx // Remember how the last normal slot is 0x13(Victoream)? For developed chrs the first slot begins at top left as 0x14, and ends at bottom right as 0x3B for Slot A (40 slots)
0453DDE8 000000yy // the rest is the same, but for Slot B (40 more slots) it begins at 0x3C and the last slot is 0x63
E0000000 80008000
Only P1 can use these slots. Here's a full example:

Code: Select all

Use DD for loading all extra characters, this is starting on the third row, Slot A
2853de78 0000012F
0453dde8 00000018
0223ff10 0000FFF0
e0000000 80008000
2853DE78 00000130
0453DDE8 0000001B
0023FF0B 00000003
002407A9 0000000A
0223ff10 0000FFF0
e0000000 80008000
2853de78 00000131
0453dde8 00000019
0223ff10 0000FFF0
e0000000 80008000
2853de78 00000132
0453dde8 0000001A
0223ff10 0000FFF0
e0000000 80008000
2853de78 00000133
0453dde8 00000015
0223ff10 0000FFF0
e0000000 80008000
2853de78 00000134
0453dde8 00000014
0223ff10 0000FFF0
e0000000 80008000
2853de78 00000135
0453dde8 00000016
0223ff10 0000FFF0
e0000000 80008000
2853de78 00000136
0453dde8 00000017
0223ff10 0000FFF0
E0000000 80008000
2853DE78 00000137
0453DDE8 00000006
0223ff10 0000FFF0
E0000000 80008000
How to switch to alt costumes and back without having to reset?

Code: Select all

Go to Stage Gallery, put cursor on "Top of Ancient Ruins" and then press B to exit, this will switch to alt textures until the next match.
2023E44F 00000010
066571C0 00000005
735F3270 00000000
E0000000 80008000
2253DD90 00000000
066571C0 00000005
73000000 3F000000
E0000000 80008000
Old method of switching between costumes, it's not the best way, only the models will load while the face texture remains the same and both players are affected.

Button activator codes

Code: Select all

Press Y while loading a match to use alt costumes
285E050C 00000800
066571C0 00000005
735F3270 00000000
E2000001 80008000
2253DD90 00000000
066571C0 00000005
73000000 3F000000
E2000001 80008000
20652324 00000001
066571C0 00000005
73000000 3F000000
E0000000 80008000
285E050C 00000000
066571C0 00000005
73000000 3F000000
E0000000 80008000

Press Z while loading a match to start in alt stage, picked favorites and every slot is used.
2053de74 07000101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 00000002
e0000000 80008000
2053de74 07010101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 0000000f
e0000000 80008000
2053de74 07020101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 0000000d
e0000000 80008000
2053de74 07030101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 0000001b
e0000000 80008000
2053de74 07040101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 0000001d
e0000000 80008000
2053de74 07050101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 0000001f
e0000000 80008000
2053de74 07060101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 00000020
e0000000 80008000
2053de74 07070101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 00000024
e0000000 80008000
2053de74 07080101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 00000023
e0000000 80008000
2053de74 07090101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 00000016
e0000000 80008000
2053de74 070a0101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 00000018
e0000000 80008000
2053de74 070b0101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 00000019
e0000000 80008000
2053de74 070c0101
285e050c 00000010
0453ddc4 00000025
E0000000 80008000
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