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[Request] Billy Hatcher - Moon jump while riding on mounts code.

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2020 11:14 am
by FlalmingOS
One of the aspects that always bothered me about this game -- once you hatch a mount (Rikol [1B], Kaboot[1C], or Datch[1D]), you can't take them with you for the duration of the stage.

It would be cool to have a moon jump code that you could activate while riding on the mount egg animals.

All 3 eggs can be found in battle mode, or can be easily switched out for the bad egg [00] with the egg switching code by Ralf:

Replace Egg xx With Egg yy [Ralf]
04003E30 2C0300xx
04003E34 40820008
04003E38 386000yy
04003E3C 2C030063
04003E40 4813F344
04143180 4BEC0CB0

xx/yy = Egg IDs

Thanks in advance!