Gameboy Player ROM issues

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Gameboy Player ROM issues

Post by mkenyon2 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:09 pm

Hey guys. I'm posting this here cause I'm running SD Media Launcher. This issue is with the Gameboy Player and it's ROM.

I can get Swiss softloaded, and I can swap memory cards to run GBI. (Haven't figured out why I can't access GBI if I have it on the same card as Swiss.)

I can get the Gameboy Player working find with GBI.

But I was really hoping to bur the Gameboy Player ROM to a disc and use SD Media Launcher to play it.

I've got a ROM, and it loads in Dolphin to the point that it says the player isn't attached. But when I load it on the memory card or burn it to disc, it doesn't play. The discs I'm using are DVD-R. I was able to get another ROM to run off disc with SD Media Launcher, so I believe the discs are OK.

Is there something wrong with my ROM? Is there a trick to it?
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Re: Gameboy Player ROM issues

Post by Papy.G » Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:10 pm

Hi, something must be wrong with your memory cards setup.
1: You should be able to run GBI from the same memory card as SWISS.
2: You should be able to run the GBP Startup Disc ISO dump from it as well.
3: You should be able to launch the GBP Startup Disc Backup DVD too.

Do you run SWISS from a Memory card in the SD Gecko? Is it up to date? (as per today, the 599 is the latest release to date).
Is your ISO file that clean? (can check MD5 there is a database somewhere around the net) Try another file from another source, check the settings in SWISS for that specific one, revert to default or erase its part from the ini.
Take everything off your SD, format it, and put everything back or updated versions.

I haven't had time to test the new SWISS support for GBP Startup disk yet, so I downloaded the EUR version and tested on my 8GB Nokia MicroSDHC, 007 AUF exploit, to confirm it should work. That what took me so long to answer.
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