Game Save Hacks (Exploits) with integrated DoLauncher

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Game Save Hacks (Exploits) with integrated DoLauncher

Post by Papy.G » Thu Oct 31, 2019 7:20 am

With libogc now supporting SD2SP2, it is time to update the DoLaunchers, and I was wondering, as some savefiles are bigger than others, the exploit doesn't take much space in them see:
007AUF save is as little as 3 blocks, WW one is 12 blocks, that's pretty much as if there is 9 extra blocks in WW save?

So, does the games check for size or specific structure in their own savefiles before loading? Can a savefile be bigger or smaller than an expected size (the one indicated on the game's box…)?

Is it possible to integrate a DoLauncher straight into a gamesave?
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