USB Gecko & USB Gecko SE

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USB Gecko & USB Gecko SE

Post by emu_kidid » Thu May 06, 2010 6:52 am

GeckoOS V1.06d beta
GeckoCard - Backup and manage memory cards
GeckoLoad - Load DOL/ELF files to your Gamecube via USBGecko
GeckoMusic - Load MP3 or MOD files to play
wiird0.9.1 - Debug/Disassemble retail games, take screenshots
(1.72 MiB) Downloaded 811 times
To use any of the above tools you will need a USBGecko, and a way to load gecko106d.dol

VHDL / PCB Schematic for USB Gecko SE
(412.05 KiB) Downloaded 404 times
EEPROM file USB Gecko SE (use FTDI's FTProg to write it)
(741 Bytes) Downloaded 331 times
Gecko OS 1.9.31 Source
(462.21 KiB) Downloaded 291 times
Gecko OS 1.9.31 Binary
(836.45 KiB) Downloaded 332 times
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Re: USBGecko & GeckoOS GC

Post by WiiPower » Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:05 am

Gecko OS for GC ... for Wii

This is just some side effect of another program i developed, but i thought it could be useful. I have no intention on improving this, like adding an icon, .xml or readme.

Basically this is just a GC homebrew booter with the Gecko OS for GC 1.06d fixed .dol integrated. The most interesting change is that it unlocks the dvd drive(tell the arm to finish its stuff) before it actually loads the .dol.

Unlocked drive == Gecko OS can reset the drive and will work unlike with other methods.
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