How to: use gc action replay with nintendo memory cards.

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How to: use gc action replay with nintendo memory cards.

Post by insane » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:23 am

Lety me start off by saying it is alot more convenient to just get a 3rd party memory card, but if you dont want to wait untill you get one then read on...
I have a softmodded wii. You should too. I also only have the original nintendo gray card(4mb?)

What you will need:


the ar memory card backup (I used a backup from 1.08, but any version should work)

an sd card

a nintendo memory card inserted into slot B (If you have saves already on this card, that is ok, they will be fine. just ensure you have enough free blocks for the ar save. also I put some tape over the metal contact under the card)

Follow the instructions for sd2gc, I know it says it doesn't work with 1st party cards, but trust me it does. Run sd2gc from the homebrew channel.
Tell it to transfer the file to the memory card. At this point the wii will freeze or at least appear to so leave it on for about 5 minutes then hold the power button down until the wii turns off. Grab your wiimote and go into data management confirm the save made it onto your memory card. Now use "b" to back out of the data management until you are at the screen where you see the disk channel and all your other channels. launch the ar disk from the disk channel. Enjoy being a cheater!
The only down side to this is you have to go to data management then back out every time you want to use the action replay. also don't remove the memory card while you are using the action replay, boot youyr game first then move the memory card if you need to.
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Re: How to: use gc action replay with nintendo memory cards.

Post by emu_kidid » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:47 am

For those who want a bit more info:
The whole reason this fails in the first place on a Wii is because Action Replay software cannot unlock 1st party Nintendo Gamecube memory cards.

Going to the data management screen unlocks the cards and then Action Replay can use them (as they are unlocked). Another way to do it would be to write a loader which runs briefly before Action Replay, unlocks memory cards, then loads Action Replay.
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