Help finding the source of this Wii video problem

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Help finding the source of this Wii video problem

Post by AlienX » Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:45 pm

Hello, I have an issue when running the official WiiMC forwarder channel, when the splash screen shows up there's a thin horizontal garbage flicker at the bottom of the screen, for about a second. If I set my Wii to 16:9 the flicker moves from the splash screen to the actual WiiMC program.

I know this is a really minor thing to care for but loading the forwarder via WiiXplorer or ULGX never shows this artifact flicker and because of that I am interested in knowing why loading via the System Menu is doing this.
Anyway I thought I could do a workaround, it seems to be related to the video code because if I use Customizemii and insert a .dol of a RetroArch core it never shows the artifact. Unfortunately the video code in RA is really long and complicated(to me) and I can't adapt it into the forwarder. :? I know it's probably a very little piece of video init code that's causing this.

I looked around and I can't find anything related. I even made a clean emunand to see if the problem would remain and it does.

Any tips/help on fixing this; if it can be fixed? Thanks

EDIT: I figured it out looking at the code for the 16:9 WiiMC thing, it seems it only needs efbHeight, xfbHeight and viHeight in the video code and the flicker won't display at all. Wish I knew why but hey fix'd.
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