DOSBox Wii thread - problems and solutions

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DOSBox Wii thread - problems and solutions

Post by alzen » Sun Jul 12, 2015 3:29 pm

Hello, I would like to start this topic as I have several problems with dosbox, but also solved a few so maybe I will be able to help some of you as well :).

My questions:

1. How to create seperate installations? As I read --> HERE <-- it's possible to do it by creating new directory with boot.dol file:

"Now once I had done that I decided to follow some advice from a post above here by CarlKenner in the section entitled "Any plans on a frontend/GUI?" about launching different dos games straight from the homebrew channel by copying the dosbox-wii folder to another folder inside of apps and changing the meta.xml file and possibly the icon.png to make them distinguishable in the homebrew channel and adding lines to the auto exec section of dosbox.conf. When you open dosbox from this secondary "app", it mounts c: as the folder inside apps that boot.dol is loaded from in this instance and inside that folder you should make your dosbox.conf file the way that is best for that game and your should be there too and then you just need to map your keys for each game one time. And of course you can make as many copied dosbox-wii folders as you like for different games. "

I cannot manage to make it work - if I create for example sd:/apps/dosbox-wii2 with boot.dol it still does use the dosbox.conf file from dosbox directory in the main sd:/ dosbox folder and as I understood it should use dosbox.conf in sd:/apps/dosbox-wii2. Why it's not working.

2. In the Incredible machine I cannot make mouse pointer to reach the right edge of the screen, any ideas why?



First problem solved. It's easy, you should have dosbox-wii in "apps" so it will use dosbox.conf from dosbox folder in sd:/ - it will also be c: drive. if you want another installation you can make folder like sd:/apps/jazzjackrabbit and put there copied content of sd:/apps/dosbox-wii. Now, dosbox from "sd:/apps/jazzjackrabbit" folder will mount c: drive from the same place as basic installation but it will be able to use it's own config file from sd:/apps/jazzjackrabbit. And that's what is really important.
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Re: DOSBox Wii thread - problems and solutions

Post by ldefoe » Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:05 am

I keep getting this error please help!!! this happened when I try to mount my img file for Windows 95 on DOSBox Wii
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