Cleanrip with External DVD?

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Cleanrip with External DVD?

Post by tkman404 » Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:51 pm

Hey guys, I'm just a little bit new here, but I was thinking, is there's a way is to rip or backup Wii/GC original and backup disc from external DVD to SD card and/or USB device (HDD, flash drive, external reader (SD, MMC, Etc...)) by adding and modified external DVD codes (below the page) onto Cleanrip? I also got the image on the page so you know what I'm talking about.

libogc: ( -libiso9660.h - ... /iso9660.h
-libiso9660.c - ... /iso9660.c
-usbstorage.h - ... bstorage.h
-usbstorage.c - ... bstorage.c
WiiMC: ( ... =140#p4829) usb_dvd.7z -
Ohhh, I almost for got, if you using Wii and GameCube original game disc on external DVD, it won't work. You have to use the external DVD with appropriate
code on it. Like for example: ... B001TPUXVQ

By the way, It just a thought, so it might help.
GCWii External DVD.jpg
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GCWii External DVD.jpg
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