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Wii Devolution LAN Help

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:24 pm
by Hitsaber
Since Devolution recently got for BBA emulation for GC games, I have been trying to LAN Wii and GC systems together, but have been having no success. I have tried every combination of Wii and GC systems, with wired, wireless, and crossover connection, but nothing is working (except GC to GC obviously). When I connect a GC to Wii, they connect for about a second, and then disconnect immediately. If I connect two Wiis together, they wont detect each other at all. I have tried this with both Mario Kart, and Kirby Air Ride. GC to GC connection works fine with both games. I have two Gamecubes with BBAs, two homebrewed Wiis with LAN adapters, and two copies of each game, if anyone can help me get GC to Wii connection working (or at least Wii to Wii), that would be great.